Platon Coin: The first INSURED cryptocurrency going to LAToken exchange

The first insured cryptocurrency project enters LAToken stock exchange. From 1st of December, Platon Coin – the digital currency of Platon Finance company, will be available to trade on LAToken. The first on the World offers a crypto insurance in their own Platon digital wallet. An insurance cover all well-known available cryptocurrencies up to 500,000 USD.

 Platon Finance’s worldwide business partners have become well-known players such as Lloyd Syndicate, the world-wide real estate company OPISAS or Symantec, which ensures maximum security for the digital wallet and the entire system. For Platon Coin it is currently possible to buy, for example, real estate around the world. Platon Finance expands a portfolio of services where Platon Coin (PLTC) members can buy yachts, cars or other consumer and utility items.

LAToken is one of the well-known stock market exchanges. LAToken is widely used for trading with the Ethereum. Our Platon Coin, however, is the first Czech-Slovak project that succeeded in entering the stock market, “says Founder of Platon Finance Daniel Tanner. The company was set up in 2017, since then had several successful negotiations with global partners to offer its members a complete financial crypto-ecosystem where the already mentioned digital wallet insurance policy is the dominant feature.

“We perceive entry to the stock market as a breakthrough for the successful first year of our project. But we have big plans that mainly concern expansion abroad. After the Czech Republic and Slovakia we want to expand into the World, the USA market is mainly on the fly, ” add Ondřej Vácha, Platon Finance Marketing and Development Director.

Security is a no1 priority, digital wallet offers an insurance

A major threat to cryptocurrencies is hacker attacks. Platon Finance eliminates this risk because it is the first in the world to offer a digital wallet for cryptocurrency where every wallet is insured up to $ 500,000. The wallet accepts six strong cryptos, including Bitcoin. Thanks to this, Platon Finance is the first crypto company on the world which offers an crypto insurance.

Security is a priority for us. Users can count on a high standard of security, which is also guaranteed by our cooperation with Symatec, “Tanner said.

Platon Finance is also focused on another issue, which is liquidity of cryptocurrencies. The company will offer prepaid payment cards that will be available worldwide.

We will be connected to various online stores that will show the price of goods at the time,” explains Vácha. According to him, Platon Finance will create an entire financial ecosystem that, besides the payment card and the insured digital wallet, will also offer its own currency exchange or membership in a private club where people will be educated in the crypto and manage their activities. People around the World can join the Club HERE and be in the first wave of whole crypto ecosystem.

 Platon Finance works with strong abroad players

Platon Finance and its Platon Coin (PLTC) have strong support and trust abroad. So he has gained several world-renowned partners. The worldwide real estate company OPISAS accepts Platon Coin as a payment for houses and flats.