David Drake, LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd., Announces a $3 Million Investment in SID Limited

NEW YORK, Sept. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — David Drake, Principal of LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd. and the Founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital, has announced that he has invested $3 million in SID (Share Internet Data) Limited, developer of a crowd-sourced, blockchain-enabled, internet sharing system. SID allows internet to be shared from one person’s smartphone to another nearby smartphone or tablet in an automated manner. The potential of this technology is nearly limitless, and this notion has been recognized by Mr. Drake as he feels confident about his ultimate decision to invest.

LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd., a $200M fund focused on cryptocurrency, mining, and ICO acquisitions, works with global family offices seeking exposure to the Fund’s three-prong investment strategy in a) global equities, b) managed accounts in commodities and futures, and c) crypto assets. David Drake proudly sits on the advisory board of SID Limited and will become an equity shareholder of the SID business going forward.

“We are looking forward to seeing SID Limited develop further as a service with the help of our investment and contribution. There is a lot of room for improvements in the internet-sharing space considering the countless issues with adaptability and security that internet users experience every day,” says David Drake.

“The SID technology allows internet connectivity to be shared from one person’s smartphone to another person’s nearby smartphone or device.  Since there are now 16 times more smartphones than public Wi-Fi hotspots globally according to Statista, the SID technology will be the future of connectivity beyond WiFi hotspots and Mobile hotspots combined,” he added.

“The mobile apps of multinational corporations provide the closest link between them and their customers and users. A safe and secure 24/7 internet connectivity is crucial to keeping this link strong and seamless. The SID technology is poised to make this happen which can directly impact revenue and customer loyalty significantly,” says David Drake, Founder, and Chairman of LDJ Capital and Principal of LDJ Cayman Fund. “As a family office that has worked in NYC on Wall Street for 23 years, we have watched as society has become dependent on the internet, and this is the perfect solution so that everyone who wants to share the internet with others can do so with others safely, securely, and dependably.”

“LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd. has very strong knowledge, and experience in successful Token Sales as well as blockchain projects; their willingness to be involved with SID at different levels of our business, and in particular their contribution in the purchase of SID Tokens announced herein, will aid us in reaching our full potential as a business,” said Jose Merino, Chairman and Co-Founder of SID Limited. “We are very pleased to be working alongside some of the most well-known experts in the crypto space, and we are now more assured than ever that our company will be able to reach its full potential and make internet sharing as simple and convenient as possible.”

About LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd:

LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd is focused on cryptocurrency, mining, and ICO acquisitions. The firm is involved in asset management and market making of cryptocurrency from, but not limited to, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai.  Investments include broker-dealers and crypto exchanges.

LDJ Cayman Fund is a subsidiary of LDJ Capital. LDJ Capital is a multi-family office that invests and manages investments for partners and clients in the areas of hospitality, real estate, energy, tech, telecom, media, advertising and more recently digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain firms through ICOs.

LDJ Capital has three subsidiaries:

1. LDJ Capital Group: Victoria Partners, LDJ Venture Capital, LDJ Capital Advisory and LDJ Cayman Fund.

2. LDJ Real Estate Group: Acquisitions, Developments, and Hospitality

3. The Soho Loft Media Group: Times Impact Publications, The Soho Loft Conferences, and Victoria Global Communications. Times Impact Publications include the digital publications: The Soho Loft News, Family Offices Today, and Times Realty News.

For more information on LDJ Capital, visit: http://ldjcapital.com/

About SID Limited:

SID Limited is a tech start-up created to boost the global internet connectivity status with its already developed new disruptive technology which gives users a simple and efficient way to share crowd-sourced internet access. The SID team have extensive tech and telecom backgrounds, including ex-leadership positions in major blue-chip companies.

  • Aims to enable a global internet access boom and thus help to lift certain segments of the 500 million poor people out of poverty, through the provision of internet connectivity, in support of the United Nations number 1 SDG (sustainable development goal).
  • Provisioning of internet connectivity is aimed to be achieved by crowd-sourcing internet from users of the SID community and share it with the wider community, even to those who cannot afford to pay for it.
  • SID technology is not only about sharing internet originated by Wi-Fi but actually shares also Mobile data originated internet.
  • The system is fully decentralized, whereas Apps on smartphones can function even if the servers are not reachable temporarily or even down indefinitely for a certain period, while the sharing of the internet of the SID App user is strictly and only a decision by such user, which is the ultimate of decentralization.

For more information on SID Limited, visit: https://ShareInternetData.io

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