CoinArmy pursues partnerships in DUBAI

Dubai has set it sights on blockchainifying business and government in the next 3 years. CoinArmy team spent a last week in Dubai exploring this opportunity and attending the BII Summit. CoinArmy CEO Evgeni Mitkov, presented at the summit CoinArmy vision for blockchain payments future. CoinArmy created strong interest locally in both its cross-border blockchain payments infrastructure and in its ability to deliver bespoke blockchain systems through its BlockchainArmy subsidiary.


CoinArmy  Chairman Erol User and CoinArmy COO Ali Sina User began active partnership conversations with bankers in the region to deploy is cross-border payments infrastructure in the Gulf and in Africa. To streamline payments in the region, CoinArmy will issue digital national fiat currency and enable trading and payments on its exchange platform. CoinArmy is connected with interbank FX market and receives dealable rates from partner banks, which allows real-time trading and payments in national currencies, even in currency pairs for which currently there is no trading, but there is natural trade.


Local banks will benefit from CoinArmy European operations and enable them to trade easily with Europe and in all major currencies.

About CoinArmy

CoinArmy is a premier trading and financial technology company that has built a digital asset exchange focused on the needs of professional traders and digital currency experts. CoinArmy is dedicated to making digital currency trading accessible, fast and totally secure. CoinArmy also offers blockchain consultancy services.

CoinArmy’s vision is to build the next generation digital asset exchange for traders of every skill level with the aim of making digital currency trading accessible to everyone. CoinArmy is devoted to enhancing our customers’ trading experiences with quick trade execution, fair pricing, world-class customer service, endless improvement and limitless creativity.

CoinArmy is member of European Union Blockchain Observatory  and Forum.