Ondřej Vácha: We are the first crypto project which offers crypto insurance against the thefts until 500K EUR

The cryptocurrency in the blockchain plays a significant role, and the main task in supporting the ecosystem lies not only with Bitcoin. We can consider Platon Finance as a new product on the market. Bitcoin focuses more on preserving cryptocurrency values, while Platon Finance pays more attention to the means of payment and insurance. We see that Platon Finance seeks to improve the ecosystem in many ways. Lower transaction fees and faster transactions, higher security and mainly the first crypto insurance of Platon wallet make Platon Coin popular. Platon Finance was founded in 2017, and today developers are working on expanding the network, implementing effective marketing methods and they are ready to reach a worldwide market.We will discuss all this with Ondřej Vácha, Marketing and Development Director.

-Hello Ondřej, PlatonCoin enters the official market. Platon Finance will develop a Platon Cards debit card. Tell us about your project plans?

- Ondrej: Sure, prepaid payment cards are just one piece of puzzle. Our crypto-financial ecosystem brings to users much more. We are the first crypto project which offers crypto insurance against the thefts. That means each Platon wallet is insured until 500K EUR. In future we plan to create next own projects which will be suitable to Platon ecosystem and most likely useful for our members. And this is just a beginning, we have huge vision.

- Platon Finance acts as a means of payment for the purchase of real estate in the form of a payment convector OPISAS. How safe is purchasing real estate through OPISAS and what are the advantages over buying for Fiat?

- Ondrej: Thanks to Platon club, where you can control every activity, you can also buy houses from OPISAS portfolio. I think it is safer than FIAT contract and for sure faster. We start with real estate, but we already dealing with other goods providers like boats, cars etc. All these our members can buy via Platon club.

- The popularization of the cryptocurrency Platon Coin is obvious, and the question arises about the demand for Platon Coin, is there any increase in the cost of the coin, and with which stock exchanges do you have negotiations?

- Ondrej: few months agou you should buy PLTC for 6 EUR, now we have 8 EUR, all that because there is a huge interest for our coins. Our investors like that we are not a regular ICO, we already did a part of our homework, so we have plenty advantages to offer right now. Our coin is day by day stronger and valuable. We will enter LAToken exchange in December this year and right now dealing with 2 other exchanges, so stay tuned!

- Satoshi Nakamoto, when he created Bitcoin, believed that everyone could mine coins on his computer, but enthusiasts quickly pooled it. Platon Coin is developed on the Etherium platform. How many coins will be issued, and what is the forecast for 2019 coin distribution?

- Ondrej: You are right, right now we are dealing with its own ERC-20 standard token, but we will build own blockchain in 2019. For this year we plan to place more than 1 milion coins to market and in 2 or 3 years to place to market the rest of coins, which is 21 million closed emission in total.

- What is the unique solution Platon Finance offers on the blockchain basis to increase the security of digital assets?

- Ondrej: We can offer to our members the maximum security standard thanks to cooperation with Symantec Corp. and Smart Contracts. Our advantage makes us unique is an insurance we have. Every wallet can have the insurance thanks to cooperation with Lloyd’s syndicate.

- Now many are trying to combine the classic market of fiat money with modern digital currencies. What can Platon Finance offer for consumers?

- Ondrej: Our solution is to create user friendly and powerful platform which control every activity from our ecosystem. We call that Platon Club, it is a great environment not just for crypto enthusiastic people, but for normal people who do not know much about cryptocurrency. A part of our club is an education system and crypto-financial news as well. Registration is fast, and we automatically create a digital wallet, it’s simple. Everyone can try it. Platon club will be live in 2 weeks!