Singapore, 24 October 2018 — DIFY has successfully concluded the first Unchained event on last Sunday, 21 October 2018 at SAFRA Yishun. The event is the first of its series to educate the public on Blockchain through sharing from industry experts and it saw a turnout of over 100 attendees and 18 speakers and panellists, of which included Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association (ACCESS) and Institute of Blockchain Singapore (IBS).

The hype around Blockchain has been growing steadily in Singapore, and a proper introduction of the technology has to be done to ensure an accessible understanding for a wider audience. Spokesperson for Huobi Global, a financial trading platform for Cryptocurrency users said “Blockchain is gaining more interest in Singapore, and as one of the world’s top leading digital trading platforms, we are delighted to share more about Blockchain to the community in Unchained Blockchain event organised by DIFY and SAFRA Tech Club.”

The sharing done on Sunday largely catered to Blockchain beginners who were there to find out more about the technology. Dr. Rex Yeap, the Head of Education in ACCESS, was present to share his thoughts and insights on Blockchain. “The blockchain technology is among the 7 technologies identified in the Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0. What sets apart Unchained 2018 from the other blockchain events is its mission to simplify the blockchain technology especially for those who are new to this space. The organisers have successfully curated several business and technology experts to share their blockchain knowledge and applications to a diverse group of audience interested in the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and ICO projects,” he said after the conclusion of the event.

Apart from introducing the basics of Blockchain, Unchained featured several up-and-coming Blockchain-based companies that are harnessing the potential of the technology to create greater good in various industries from healthcare to education. Med-H is one such project that utilises Blockchain in hope to empower patients by enabling them to gain control and ownership of their medical data through an electronic healthcare system. The team behind Med-H is inspired to create a secure network storage of medical records for patients and medical professionals alike to revolutionise the healthcare industry in order to prevent risks of cyber-attacks such as the hacking of patient records from SingHealth database in July 2018. Founded by Mr. Verner Alvar, Med-H utilises Blockchain to deliver a seamless integration of medical services to everybody’s fingertips, giving back control of personal data to individuals.

“There is an ongoing debate about who actually owns the medical data. Med-H creates a system in which the ownership of data belongs to the patient and is under the guardianship of medical professionals. I would say Unchained 2018 is an event where people should participate to know more about blockchain technology and the different use cases derived from the technology.”

Through sharing and exhibition of Blockchain-based companies, Unchained aims to bridge the gap between Blockchain and general members of the public by educating the basics and practicalities of the technology.

“Great initiative by DIFY on a mission to host such events to let people who are keen to know more to learn more from industry experts. SAFRA Tech Club is proud to be a co-organiser of Unchained 2018 and we look forward to exploring more of such events ahead,” says Mr. Donald Yeo, Chairman of SAFRA Tech Club, who co-hosted Unchained 2018. A spokesperson from DIFY confirms that the next Unchained event will be held sometime early next year.

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