A Smart Designation Repository that delivers the protection private keys deserve

SINGAPORE, August 2018 - Before there was Infinitus, losing your private wallet key meant that you could kiss whatever cryptocurrencies you had goodbye. Maybe you forgot about it. Maybe you lost your phone or computer that stored it. Whatever the reason was, it’s gone for good. Luckily for us, Infinitus has leveraged on blockchain technology and created a smart designation repository that can save countless users the heartbreak of losing valuable digital data.


A common criticism of cryptocurrency heard again and again is that without controlling authorities such as banks, there is no way to retrieve access to lost or forgotten private keys. Infamous stories are rife of unsuspecting crypto enthusiasts losing thousands and even millions of dollars’ worth of crypto assets due to poor safety measures and unfortunate events.

And then you have to contend with hackers. Due to their sophistication, it is more important than ever to employ tight security and encryption measures to secure sensitive information such as private keys. But this has led to an unfortunate trend where these same security controls lead to lost data or files, resulting in the inability to access valuable crypto assets.

As we stand currently, there is no single all-encompassing solution that solves this inherent problem in an easily understood way that can be applied by almost anybody. Infinitus has not only solved this inherent problem in a revolutionarily creative way but has also created the solution to an abundance of other problems that have the potential to stifle cryptocurrency use for users.


Infinitus Token is a blockchain based decentralised mobile app (dApp) It allows you to store encrypted digital data such as private keys, passwords, recovery seeds, pincodes or any alpha-numeric data on a decentralised network. In the event that sensitive data is lost, the smart contract is subsequently activated, INF Token retrieves the data and sends it to the predeter-mined location or person.

Unlike the standard cloud storage based solutions offering the store-and-retrieve protocol, INF offers store-and-transfer protocol. The system works by fragmenting, replicating, encrypting, and distributing wallet data across the blockchain network. INF uses the Ethereum Smart Contract with the File System Distributed Ledger Technology (FSDLT) across a decentralised network via the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS/IPNSS) protocol, eliminating the chances of a ‘single point failure’. The INF mobile app is a decentralized application (dApp) that is designed for both iOS and Android smartphones.


INF Token is the brainchild of a highly skilled team that brings a wealth of experience from a wide range of disciplines including Mergers and Acquisition, FinTech, Technology and many others. Infinitus is incorporated in Singapore, a jurisdiction proven to be a secure haven for ICO launches.

The core team comprises of 10 members and is headed by Xanne Leo, a corporate advisory specialist with proven success in the startup world; and Eric Song, a former equities and futures trader with portfolio management experience at a billion-dollar hedge fund.

Other core member includes Dr. Ting Shang Ping with over a decade experience in the financial technology and AI space, and blockchain advisor Ronald Aai, a technology blockchain veteran that has shown the ability to take new ideas to corporate success.

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Before INF, losing your key meant saying goodbye to your crypto wallet and whatever it was storing. And solving this issue was what led the INF team to come up with a blockchain-based storage application that would eliminate this very frightening pros-pect. Allowing users to encrypt and store a variety of alphanumeric data on a decentralized network securely, INF also ensures that only the designated recipient is able to access it upon a predetermined inactivity trigger.

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