DASH DAO invests in Vaultoro to launch Gold to DASH trading pair

Jan Kursawe,  Jun 08, 2018

We are very excited and proud to announce that the Dash DAO has accepted our proposal to implement a DASH to gold bullion trading pair. We will receive a total of 276 DASH from the decentralized, autonomous organization powered by the Dash community.

This is fantastic news, because with these funds we can finally start the technical expansion of our trading platform. In addition, they will be used to establish a development and marketing team to introduce the newly created trading pair. We will work the hardest to meet the budget and ensure legal compliance, as well as technical security for the new pair.

Why we support DASH?

Dash’s DAO is one of the first decentralized fundraising systems of its kind and the first internationally recognized DAO. For example, the community has already invested over $800,000 in projects to accelerate the introduction of Dash in Venezuela and is constantly looking for new applications to support DASH (e.g. Vaultoro) to offer its users a wide range of everyday applications.

Vaultoro co-founder, Joshua Scigala, commented:

“The opportunity to receive a financial endorsement directly from a software-protocol, voted upon by several thousand users, is a first-timer I am happy to experience. The DAO-structure of Dash and its features as digital cash have always been on the edge of innovation with its combination of instant and private transactions for instance. This all comes with an ease-of-use that will even be improved once Dash releases its new “evolution”. We are happy and really appreciate the support by the DASH community. We aim to include the DASH/gold pair within the next 4 months.”

Vaultoro’s Ambassador Program for broader adoption

Another important step towards the integration of DASH will be our new Ambassador program. We aim to have local experts who represent Vaultoro to make it known in their region. The intention is to provide information about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dash, as well as personal financial freedom. This is intended to help countries where banks have little adoption. We will push this strategy to support the ‘unbanked’ with our mechanism for reducing the liquidity of digital assets.


It also has the potential to protect against the hyperinflation of fiat money that has occurred in Venezuela and Turkey, for instance.

The first Ambassador will be active in Mexico. Next, there will be a partnership for Nigeria, followed by further cooperation, especially in developing countries, where awareness of cryptocurrencies is still at a low level.

To date, we have traded more than 1.5 tons of gold (with a current value of $75 million). The implementation of Dash will help us to find new market segments to increase the current status quo of 14,000 customers from 94 countries.