JEFERSON BARROS - our ambition, is to acquire an island and be a technological city the local currency Woodcoin


Despite the fact that the digital currency has existed for more than 9 years and often falls in the headlines, most users still do not have a general idea of ​​the principles of its operation. Some compare cryptocurrency with Ponzi schemes, others see it as another round of monetary system development and a faster and more reliable translation system. Some people like the opportunity to join something technologically new and potentially promising at the very beginning of development. Someone is just trying to make money on the fluctuations of rates, as with ordinary stocks. There is an opinion that crypto currency will help the development of third world countries, replacing unreliable local monetary units (for example, M-Pesa in Kenya, it is obvious that this is not just someone’s imagination). And some already call Bitcoin the new electronic gold. Who will be right, will show not so distant future, and perhaps, the Crypto-currency will eventually replace the usual paper money. Today we will talk about the new crypto currency Woodcoin with CEO Jeferson Barros.

- Hello Jeferson,

- You position Woodcoin as a coin without government and without banks, but many crypto currency without government and without banks. What is the uniqueness of Woodcoin?

- In Woodcoin as quoted and without government decentralized the new global digital currency based on Bitcoin technology. We want to be different in the market, our ambition for the coming months is to acquire an island and be a technological city and only be accepted the local currency Woodcoin, this will create a high volume per day for yes, making the coin worth to fortune.

- Uncover the main directions of the road map for 2018

-Good one of the main directions for 2018 is a project that we have to buy an island and start building a small town and yes, the local currency will be only Woodcoin, we are very optimistic about this and a differential.

- In the system Woodcoin produced nearly 50 million coins from 79 million. This is a third of the total number of coins. What is the cost of one Woodcoin and with which exchanges do you cooperate?

-The Woodcoin is being sold at 1.00 USD We are still in the period of the ICO, Woodcoin is in trading with several Foreign Exchange in the coming weeks and we announced the public in which the exchange was completed to the date of launch

- You offer investors their coins in the investment portfolio. Tell us about what dividends are we talking about?

- Investors buy the Woodcoin digital currency that has already been shipped directly to the customer’s QT portfolio, which can be downloaded directly from our official Windows and Linux website and is already working to have a portfolio for smart phones and an on-line site.

- When will the last coin of Woodcoin be extracted and what should be expected after the end of the flow?

- When the last coin is mined, we want to open another block with at least 50 million Woodcoin, that will depend on supply and demand.

- To become the first trillionaire in the world, Satoshi needs the price of bitcoins to exceed 1 million dollars per coin. This is a crazy assumption, but right now it does not look incredible. What goals do you set for Woodcoin?

- Our value goal for Woodcoin per unit is worth $ 100,000.

- Traditionally, I ask the question, what would Jeferson Barros wish the readers of CryptoCapitalNews

- What readers would like is to always read a lot about digital coins, today it is still very strange to talk about the subject that everyone thinks is piramede or blow, but it is not good for yes, there is always a CEO who can face Win and working 24 hours for the project to succeed always has a track record behind any digital currency and thanks to CryptoCapitalNews for the trust and wonderful work of bringing information about it to the world!

Thank you for the interview, success and financial prosperity of your project Woodcoin

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