Shopping Is Mining – How CCRB is redefining the cryptocurrency mining model with ‘Cryptoback’

Traditional cryptocurrency mining is something of a strange beast - with notoriously high entry costs for hardware and equipment, and no guarantee of great enough returns to make the whole venture worthwhile for anyone but the most avid cryptocurrency supporter or geek. It’s certainly not for everyone - in fact you might say that due to the very nature of the practice, it naturally excludes a majority of people from ever participating in it.

This is where CCRB’s Shopping Is Mining concept is so radically different - it turns the entire cryptocurrency mining model on its head, and opens up crypto mining to virtually anyone - anyone that is, who at some point carries out shopping - which we think includes pretty much everyone!

That’s just the way we like it - complete inclusiveness and something that can benefit almost everyone the world over, no matter what their level of expertise, technical knowledge (or budget).

It’s this huge level of inclusiveness that makes our Shopping Is Mining concept radically unique and innovative - people get rewarded in cryptocurrency simply for carrying out the shopping that they would normally do - for effectively just buying the products that they love, or which are a fundamental requirement for them on a regular basis.


How ‘Cryptoback’ Works
CCRB have partnered with a huge range of retailers on our shopping platform to set up affiliate links with them, so when you click through to these partner sites, your visit is tracked and linked back to the CCRB website, in much the same way as it would be with traditional cashback models.

But of course the key difference is that we have set up a reward program where you receive 25% of the value of whatever you purchase on the affiliate site in CCRB cryptocurrency, according to the High Internal Value - and this is what we like to term ‘Cryptoback’ - the rewards for the consumer are that they get immediate and risk-free entry into a sure-fire way to mine cryptocurrency, without any equipment or technical knowledge required whatsoever - they simply shop and mine.

In order to keep things as simple as possible, the platform has one flat rate of 25% across every single retailer and product on the platform, so consumers know exactly what they are getting each and every time they go onto the platform, shop and make a purchase - no matter what the retailer in question. This is a very conscious decision from the team behind CCRB, as again the emphasis is upon complete transparency and simplicity - something that is often sadly lacking in the notoriously technical and often geeky world of crypto!

With close to 15,000 affiliates and retailers on board spanning more than 200 countries, offering products and services across every conceivable category, there’s truly something for everyone within the affiliate section of the site as well, another additional reason why this is a groundbreaking concept and initiative in terms of opening up cryptocurrency and the mining that is an integral part of it, to everyone.

Our Shopping is Mining concept is an innovation that we are all extremely proud of here at CCRB, as it is helping to take cryptocurrency in the exact direction that we are so passionate about it moving in - namely that it becomes a highly accessible, highly usable and extremely valuable commodity in the everyday lives of pretty much everyone, all the over the world.

That’s a huge part of our mission here at CCRB - and the Shopping Is Mining concept is a key driver in the achievement of this mission as the entire CCRB Ecosystem develops and evolves over the coming months and years.

Victor Gryschak