Crypto shows are gaining popularity all over the world

Jason Appleton, a cryptoinvestor, will launch his own Bitcoin-TV series on CBS, CW and Roku with payment only in Bitcoin.

The show will be broadcast for more than 47 million families in the United States.

CBS, the largest television and radio company owned by CBS Corporation, is one of the most important commercial television networks in the United States, along with ABC and NBC.

Appleton will be working on 13 episodes of the Crypto Crow Show. The first season will begin June 25 in the network CBS New York WLNY, serving more than 7.3 million homes. At the time of this writing, Crypto Crow has 73,062 subscribers on YouTube, and their number may increase significantly in the coming months after the start of the television show.

“In each episode, educational information will be presented to help newcomers navigate the crypto space, explore, invest and protect themselves by participating in the ICO, as well as how crypto-currency companies affect the industry as a whole,” the report said.

A few days ago, the user Reddit uploaded a video about the series Silicon Valley TV - one of the most popular television shows in the US, which mentions crypto-currencies. Another Billions TV show advertised the Ledger Nano S wallet.

Other well-known television shows, such as The Big Bang Theory and Successor, have devoted part of their series to topics related to crypto-currencies.