BlockchainArmy announces strategic partnership with INFIbond

INFIbond Asia and Blockchain Army signed a historic partnership agreement and are now
opening INFI Turkey. Erol User, Chairmen of INFI Turkey said: “We look forward to bringing
the revolution of Empathic AIa unique and cutting-edge technologyinto Turkey”. Yoram Kraus
the CEO of INFIbond Asia said: “We are excited to partner with the User family and with
Blockchain Army, to introduce the INFIbond Asia era into Turkey, and provide a human
touch to the digital world”.

INFIbond Asia is an emotion-driven AI company that has developed a revolutionary set of
algorithms that can understand and reflect the individual in the digital sphere. By providing
every person with a welcoming feeling across online platforms, the Company is disrupting the
way people interact with technology. It turns the human experience in the digital sphere into a
tailor-made journey with a human touch.

INFI can reflect the individual's needs and wishes within a few moments, and optimize a
person’s online experience, while simultaneously enhancing the service provided. INFI, by
understanding the individual, can now improve the way people interact with service providers
and sellers, which creates a win-win both for individuals and for online service providers.

INFI is advancing the FinTech industry: Today, when a person applies for a loan or a credit
card, if they are speaking to a new banker who doesn’t know them, because of today’s
existing tools, their request will most likely not be approved. INFI provides bankers with a
powerful decision-making toolkit that enables them to take calculated risks based on a
personal-emotional assessment of the individual they just met. With this evaluation, banks
can approve a credit card, a loan or a microloan within moments, and at the same time
increase their market share with a solid monetary balance and minimal risk levels.
In the InsureTech field, INFI can generate a risk assessment that allows insurers to take a
calculated risk that is based on a person’s real risk level, instead of on outdated actuarial
assessments. Insurers have the ability to offer attractive premiums while reducing their risks.
In the area of e-commerce, for retailers, fan clubs, airlines and others, INFI reduces
unnecessary noise and provides each individual with a fun and unforgettable tailor-made
journey. INFI increases customer loyalty for sellers and grants them unparalleled omni-
channel conversion rates.

In the healthcare and wellness arena, INFI pocket-doctor can hold the patient’s hand 24/7
and make sure they are taken care of remotely, effectively and in real time whenever they
need help. INFI can reduce non-adherence behavior of medical patients, improve quality of
life and increase life expectancy. Simultaneously, INFI enables medical facilities to manage
their resources in an optimized manner and provides patients with the best support possible.
INFI is revolutionizing technology by adding the key elements of an empathic AI on top of
any existing AI layer. It provides digital platforms with the ability to offer a human touch to
everyone, powered by technology, which enhances individuals as well as any business that
provides online services.

“By providing machines with the ability to process and respond to human emotions, INFI is
connecting humans to machines. It’s connecting the real world with the virtual world. By doing
so, INFI is changing the rules of the game, of our reality,” Kraus concluded.

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