Blockchainarmy Founder President EROL USER states that BLOCKCHAIN is on guard for medical data security. Amid the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, China has turned to blockchain technology to manage medical data, track supply of virus prevention materials and consult the public. For the first two weeks of February, China saw the launch of as much as 20 blockchain-based applications designed to help fight the coronavirus outbreak. Most of the apps are used to manage citizens’ personal data as many people are returning to work this month.

Blockchainarmy Founder President EROL USER continued his comments as follows: In China local authorities noted that blockchain lets them effectively track and secure collected information. Thus, Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi Province, applies the tech for online consultation and screening, as well as securely manage health records.
A blockchainbased platform that enables charity organizations and initiatives to collaborate more efficiently and transparently. Specifically, the app allows users to track allocation and donation of relief supplies, as well as the review, recording and tracing of demand and supply chains of medical supplies.

In the meantime, China started a quarantine of its used bank notes to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus.It is the time now to take Digital Currency User into a serious consideration.