Global CryptoCurrency: 3D printing will become a major force in manufacturing in the next few decades

Global CryptoCurrency is a proof of stake type of coin created in 2009 for micropayments and to support 3D printing technology. From the beginning, we wanted in the first place to build a market for our coin that would gradually support its turnover, rather than release it as a regular ICO token. To achieve this goal, we cooperated with 3D printing industry companies and are working closely with 3D Print Points platform. Our own distribution system helped popularize the coin, which is now in the 3rd and last phase of distribution. The coin has a built-in transaction-fee sharing feature and donates to different eco-friendly projects. Global CryptoCurrency is tradable on Novaexchange, C-CEX and OctaEX cryptcurrency exchange markets.

There are numerous analyses made by noticeable financial and technological institutions, such as ING, that show 3D printing will rise exponentially in the upcoming years and will become a major force in manufacturing in the next few decades. Global CryptoCurrency aims to capture this shift by promoting additive manufacturing among common users, schools and businesses. We support the 3D Print Points platform where individual printers and 3D modelers as well as companies can connect to customers worldwide and take printing orders and build model databases. All 3D Print Points services can be purchased with GCC. The shop related to 3D Print Points which sells 3D printing equipment also accepts GCC payments. The shop has in recent months acquired new partnerships to distribute top-class 3D printing equipment - it officially distributes BQ products in Europe and has partnered with numerous technology brands to be able to sell products obtained directly from the producers at a very competitive price. Just recently the shop added Da Vinci color printer and popular Creality printers, among a wide range of filaments and accessories. The widely understood 3D printing is one of our main areas of interest. We have also been involved in supporting fields that offer extended business opportunities with this technology in mind, such us 3D Print Point’s GCC 3D Café franchise - a combination of a 3D printing workshop, a conference/educational space and a café. The 3D Cafe is a place open for regular customers and freelance creators who can materialize their projects there using the existing 3D technological base. Products and services in the café can, too, be purchased with Global CryptoCurrency.

This is why we expect to see a big growth of our coin in the forthcoming years as 3D printing industry grows. Global CryptoCurrency also plans to back a bigger number of platforms. We have already developed a GCC Merchant payment gateway, downloadable and online wallets, GCC Ticker application, which is a convenient set of tools for businesses that accept our coin.

About to release is the new mobile GCC wallet application.

The direction we are going needs great promotional efforts. Many people are not aware of the accessibility and importance of 3D printing and we see our role in building that awareness around the world. We are currently making wide-scale marketing efforts to promote GCC as a micropayment currency of choice, too. This is why Global CryptoCurrency has cooperated with Tom Cridland, the PR manager working with DigiByte and other cryptocurrency projects. With his help we hope to reach greater audience and help people realize the potential of 3D printing.

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