CryptoChicks & Women4Blockchain Come Together to HACK Into the Big Apple

CryptoChicks and Women4Blockchain (W4B), two dynamic groups dedicated to building and empowering women pioneers in the world of blockchain technology, converge on NYC at the New York University School of Law for the first blockchain hackathon that will combine business, legal, and technical minds, Conference & Shark Tank, October 5th to 8th, 2018.

CryptoChicks and Women4Blockchain are inviting all women to use this unique opportunity to learn blockchain technology in-depth and then implement it in a project of the participants choice. Sponsor will provide all participants with free online blockchain technology education. Educational workshops will run in parallel with the hackathon followed by the conference and Shark Tank.

Since being popularized by Bitcoin, encrypted accountancy ledgers or “blockchains” have taken the finance world by storm. Demand for developers is high; blockchains simplify transactions and reduce
costs.  Unfortunately, there is a marked shortage of skilled workers, a situation worsened by a diminishing presence of females in the computing sector which is down from 30% in the 1980’s to18% today. ‘We believe that this hackathon will provide needed exposure to female talent; connecting hackers with potential employers, says CryptoChick’s cofounder Natalia Ameline. Adds fellow cofounder Elena Sinelnikova, “Considering that blockchain developers are in huge demand these days and the fact that this industry lacks female participation, with this hackathon and conference, potentially, we kill two birds with one stone.”

Details of the NYC Blockchain Hackathon:

Participants in the Blockchain Hackathon are invited to prepare in advance via free education from today’s leading blockchain companies, namely Zastrin, Holochain, CryptoChicks and Blockgeeks. Workshops at the Hackathon will be led by mentors for business, student and legal participants. In the technology realm, hackers will develop their ideas into a final project. In the business realm, new business models will be delivered after solving cases.

A gathering of business, legal, and technical minds to build new and innovative solutions on the blockchain. Participants and mentors will solve cases with a goal of delivering new, innovative business models. Hackers participating in the Hackathon may either be assigned to a team or may create their own team with friends and colleagues. Winning teams from the Hackathon will be given the opportunity to present their innovative concepts to the Shark Tank during the conference. Hackathon participation is for women only.

Hackathon participants will  have an opportunity to choose one of the following hacking tracks:

Business track – design and present to judges and audience your own blockchian technology business including MVP mock ups, business model, cryptoeconomics model, investment plan
Legal track – design and present to judges and audience  blockchian legal problem and proposed solution.
Developer (technical) track – develop and present to judges a prototype of decentralized application on a blockchain or blockchain development tool, or hardware device.

Educational Topics at the NYC Blockchain Hackathon and Conference

Some of the expected topics at the Hackathon include:

●       Blockchain

●       Introduction to CryptoEconomics

●       Introduction to Bitcoin and Ethereum

●       Smart Contracts

●       Basic Solidity Course

●       How to Develop Decentralized Application on Ethereum

●       Tokens on Blockchain

●       New Blockchain Business Models

●       Navigating Regulation

●       How to Run Your Own ICO Using ERC20 Token

●       How to Program Using Different Blockchain Technologies

●       What It’s Like to Run a Blockchain Startup

●       Challenges and Roadblocks in Current Blockchain Technologies


CryptoChicks and W4B are proud to announce the participation of the organization She Codes, a community of women in technology, created to achieve an equal number of female and male software developers in Israel. Founded in 2013 by Ruth Polachek, today, She Codes boasts approximately 20,000 members.

She Codes will have 50 participants hacking remotely from Israel with presentations to the Shark Tank portion of the conference streamed live. Alchemist, an industry leader specializing in token sales, blockchain project development and investment is the proud sponsor of this great addition to the CryptoChicks & W4B NYC event.

Conference & Shark Tank Details:

Blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, lawyers, startups, cryptocurrency investors, blockchain technologists, blockchain developers, university and college students, the blockchain- and crypto-curious individuals, men and women are all invited to attend.

Conference panel sessions will include, Navigating Regulation, What It’s Like To Run a Blockchain Startup, Blockchain and New Business Models, etc

Shark Tank: Winners from the NYC Blockchain Hackathon and any Blockchain Development company wanting to participate get to pitch their projects to the ‘sharks’. Conference ‘sharks’ for the CryptoChicks & Women4Blockchain Hackathon and Conference are Devin Walsh, Blockchain Research & Investment, CoinFund, Robert J. Nance, Managing Partner, CityBlock Capital, Ekaterina Timaeva, Managing Director, Duff & Phelps, Nikhil Nayab, Global Head, Blockchain at Conduent and Michael Roach, Director, Accenture.

The Conference + Shark Tank will begin on Monday, October 8th at 9:00 a.m., continuing through 10:00 p.m. Monday night. A luncheon and networking party are a part of Monday’s conference as well.

Sponsors: Much gratitude goes to the sponsors of the NYC Hackathon and Conference, without them great hackathon events could not occur - Alchemist, Shyft, Bittrex, Block Geeks, ShapeShift, Everex and Lazar.

 Esteemed Speakers - Alexi Lane, CEO and founder, Everex, Caitlin Long, Co-Founder of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition, Joanna Hubbard, Co-Founder & COO Electron, Arthur Brock, Co-Founder & Architect at Holochain, Jacqueline Morck, CEO, Totem, Emily Coleman, CMO, ShapeShift, Cristina Dolan, Co-Founder & COO iXledger, Blockchain, MIT Media Lab, Katey Harrison, Director of Program Management, Bittrex Exchange

Prized Mentors - Kristen F. Johns, Transactional IP/Blockchain/Patent Attorney, François-René Rideau, Co-Founder, Chief Architect Legicash, Crhistopher Swenor, Co-Founder, CEO at Legicash, Alexandra Levin Kramer, Blockchain Attorney at CKR Law LLP, Inna Raykhman, Co-Founder, Fungible Network, Charles St. Louis, Open Source Developer/ Community Manager, Polymath, Samuel Dare, Blockchain Engineer, MediChain, Clare Markham, COO, Startup Token, Cindy Mallory, UI/UX Design Strategy, JAKT, Steven Ko, Head of UX Design, JAKT, Elena Sinelnikova, Founder, CryptoChicks, Bryant Eisenbach, Co-Founder CTO, DappDevs, Mahesh Murthy, Founder of Zastrin, Daniel Dewar, Founder Paperchain.

About CryptoChicks: CryptoChicks is a non-profit blockchain educational hub. The mission of CryptoChicks is to assist women in blockchain technology via mentorship and education. While the events sponsored by CryptoChicks are open to everyone, the focus is on women, as the company believes “women’s involvement will help blockchain realize its enormous potential as an instrument of positive change in the world.”

About Women4Blockchain: The goal of Women4Blockchain is to build and empower pioneers in the world of blockchain technology. Women 4Blockchain seeks to introduce blockchain technology to those from all industries and backgrounds, hopefully connecting and inspiring those involved in blockchain to solve “the toughest challenges facing our society today.”

Tickets for the NYC Hackathon & Conference

Tickets for the Hackathon and Conference range in price from $99-$1,800. Student ticket prices are refundable with a student ID, and when a student ticket is purchased to the Hackathon, attendance at the Conference is free.  Tickets can be purchased online at

**Hackathon participation is by application only. Click the link for more information on how to apply at**

For media contact and sponsorship opportunities please contact: [email protected]

 Written by Audrey Nesbitt

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