BlockchainArmy President EROL USER is urging everyone to take COVID-19 into the serious attention and cooperate together.

User believes that Blockchain technology is one of the key to have all datas and use when it is necessary.

User continued hius words stating

“As news of the COVID-19 outbreak reshapes our reality and rewrites the calendar, there’s no doubt that this is a challenging time for the humanity. More than anything, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

In summary, COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus that poses a risk to people with a weakened immune system, respiratory or heart conditions. Its mortality level is much lower than a normal flu, however its contagion level is very high. For this reason the vast majority of people will go through it without many symptoms, however this very high percentage of the population acts as a means of spreading this virus, which can seriously affect some other people. Given the high level and speed of contagion, health systems are collapsing in their ability to care of people who really need it, usually people over 60 years of age. For this reason, governments are taking alarming measures.

The second. One of the consequences of these measures will be the economic effect for the vast majority of companies and workers. The consequences of this economic slowdown will be suffered later. However, with the same desire for solidarity that prompts us to be aware of avoiding infecting others, we can take other measures to help us emerge victorious from this second stage of this crisis, the economic one.

Take advantage of the reflection time while being at home, organize your affairs, analyze what you really need and what you do not, get rid of unnecessary consumption inertias, and above all do communicate with your loved ones. Don’t spend on what you don’t need. Once the crisis period is over, let’s try to help small merchants and businesses. How? Let’s buy the products from small and local stores, that are the ones that will suffer the most from the economic recession that this virus is causing.

No one likes a crisis. However, the word crisis has the same origin as the words critic and criteria. Its common etymology means “crumble to analyze”. This crisis invites us to reflect on three crucial points that can turn our future better or worse: Observe your state of health, and think about taking better care of yourself; Analyze your consumption needs and be aware that if you spend the money in your locality you help it prosper, and finally, spend time with the people who matter to you.

A crisis is always an opportunity for a new beginning.”