“TWICO CONVERGENCE” Crypto Fintech investments Conference


Traditional and innovative fundraising tools
at the service of new business projects

Milan, September 27th 2018. Twico Convergence will be held in Milan on 11th and 12th October 2018, it
is the first Italian Investor Conference that aims to create a platform for meeting and relationship
development between investors and entrepreneurs, to bridge the gap between ideas, market and
money, placing at the centre the planning and strategic dimension of the various business projects
and framing the different forms of finding the most innovative financial resources as complementary
levers to pursue a unitary objective to support innovation.

The projects presented will be wide-ranging (digital start-ups, corporate spin-offs and industry
initiatives 4.0, Fintech and Crypto projects, etc …); the professional investors involved are of different
types: VCs, Altcoin investors & Crypto-enthusiasts, family offices & business angels, money managers,
corporate funds, serial entrepreneurs, etc…
All information on the site: www.twicoconvergence.it

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