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Cryptocurreny product development company with high focus on security, code quality and maintainability. Exceptional support and complete product development lifecycle from idea till production.

It is our priority to meet the customer’s deadlines and provide quality and secure products. In case of our multi currency wallet, we have a proper schedule which we will followed with expected range of cost. The scehdule provided may vary based on the development of customer’s specific requirements, but on the whole development time negotiated with the customer will be held as the priority to meet. 

We write unit, integration test cases from the very start of the project, so that maximum of the bugs will squashed before even the product enters separate testing phase. After development in our testing phase we make sure product to go through all the required platforms dictated by the customer, so that the end product is the piece of software on which customer can rely with his and his customer’s money.


Single Currency Wallets

Full scale wallet integrating all the functionalities and specific features of the blockchain.

Single Currency, Full Featured Wallets (Android/IOS/Web)


Multi Currency Wallets

Wallet App for Android/IOS, with support for multiple cryptocurrencies and high security for user’s funds.

Multi Currency Wallets (Android/IOS/Web)


Security Audits

We are all for security of not only our products but others too. We provide security audits for the developed apps to make them more secure and production ready.



We use enterprise-wide best security practices to avoid any kind of frauds or hacks. Our security system is always up to date with the industry standards. In case of very high profile cyber attack, we also assure some fallback plans that can even further minimise the loss of data or money.

For the price and quality for our products, we are charging fairly low as compared to the standard market rates and quality will assured to be top notch.

Any industry that feels the need to work more transparently, public and secure can have our services.


Partner and company representative BlockFabric 
Victor Gryshchak
email: [email protected]