Storiqa announces the launch of marketplace test with focus on APAC

Hong Kong, November, 2018 - Storiqa, the marketplace based on blockchain, has launched focusing firstly on the Asia-Pacific region, and especially Singapore. Aimed to help small and medium-sized producers step out of local markets and increase sales, Storiqa offers the first sellers 3 months of free trial period and helps them with marketing.

With an unparalleled product offer, Storiqa has listed on its marketplace, 20 brands with 170 unique goods. Strawberry-shaped porcelain plates, wooden notebooks, enamel air balloons - all these items emphasizing that the marketplace focuses on extraordinary products. All product lines across home decor and personal accessories are priced with STQ token, a measure of exchange on the platform. Later, shoppers will be able to pay for goods with fiat along with crypto. Currently all business processes will be tested in Singapore and later on in other APAC countries.

Since the end of September Storiqa had been testing the marketplace with own Storiqa shop where company sells branded Storiqa merchandise. In total Storiqa attracted 60000 unique visitors within 30 days of trial period.

“Currently we see Singapore as an initial trial market for us. It’s highly international and has perfect basement for further global growth. The launch will not only help break down existing obstacles but also gain the experience for first shopping with cryptos in the world. After limited market test run Storiqa will scale up the business model to other countries” says CEO of Storiqa Andrian Galkin.

About Storiqa
Storiqa was founded in August 2017, with the aim of creating a quick-to-setup marketplace for SMEs with minimal financial borders and global transactional fees. Their key features and tools are based on using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to resolve existing industry problems between buyers and sellers.

Storiqa has already gained major milestones in crypto industry:
January 2018 - closed $25 million hardcap in token sale

May 2018 - release of beta MVP

June 2018 - release of Storiqa Wallet prototype and its presentation at RISE conference

We connect with our customers across a wide range of social media channels including our 14K Facebook, 15K Twitter and 95K Telegram community.
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For further information on Storiqa, please contact: Ana Taved [email protected]