Crypto Capital News presents Smart Contract Audit ETH2X

Friends. Crypto Capital News provides information for investors on the investment project ETH2X. Smart contract audit was conducted by authoritative leaders of audits and reviews of crypto projects:
The company Crypto Maniacs, the undisputed leader in auditing and reviewing smart contracts

The company Smart Contract has experience of more than 10 years in the field of IT and programming. Since 2015, she has been engaged in smart contracts, as well as conducting audits on the security of third-party smart contracts. Smart Contract also conducted many ICOs.

The last few days, there were improvements to improve the project ETH2X. The result was a good project in which everyone can become an investor without fear for their finances.
So, consider ETH2X for private investment.

The total dividend scale is as follows:

accrual of dividends

from 0 to 1000 eth - 7%

from 1000-2000 eth - 6%

from 2000-3000 eth - 5%

from 3000-5000 eth - 4%

from 5000 - 9%


  1. When investing, 10% of the deposited amount is transferred to the owner’s account automatically.
  2. Withdrawal of dividends is possible at any time. To do this, it is enough to send a zero transaction.
  3. to withdraw the deposit send 0.00000007 eth to the contract address 85% return minus the number of accrued dividends
  4. Referral program

3% cashback referral from the first deposit

2% referrer from referral deposit at a time

should indicate in the DATA field your Ethereum wallet address.

referral program starts to operate if the referral invests at least 1 ETH.


  1. Minimum transaction 0.01 ETH
  2. Time accrual devidend every second.
  3. the maximum number of dividends = 2x deposit, then dividends are not charged.

Example: if an investor threw 100ETH on a contract, then 10 ETH from him immediately goes to the commission and he can receive 200 ETH with dividends.


If he takes a deposit, he returns minus the interest.

Example: an investor threw 100 ETH, after a few days he has 50 ETH dividends, he took them.

Wants to withdraw a deposit: 100 ETH - 15 ETH (15% = system commission + protection from affiliate referrals) - 50 ETH accrued dividends = 35 ETH


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