DAYS.Exchange organizing Oxford Blockchain Conference

This is pre-event for the Longevity Impact Forum organized in order to create a blockchain platform for longevity investments.

DAYS founders and Advisors (Liz Parrish, Avi Roy, Omar Fogliadini, Tina Woods, George Lakis) will present a methodology of rating of technologies in the field of anti-aging and AI driven 4P Medicine.

Beyond demonstrating promising recent developments, the Conference will uniquely explore the qualitative and quantitative criteria for the assessment of emerging longevity diagnostics and therapies, their potential and actual efficacy and safety, their evidence levels, their potential cost-effectiveness and profitability. In practical terms, the Longevity Impact forum will aim to develop and pilot a pioneering evaluation (Rating) instrument for promising longevity technologies, based on human expert ratings and rankings as well as AI-based expert systems.

The purpose of this instrument (rating system), that will be continuously adjusted and improved, will be to facilitate support and funding for truly promising longevity R&D. This instrument will assist policy makers, involved in diverse regulatory frameworks, and investors utilizing various financial instruments

The Museum of Natural History, Oxford

April 21, 2pm – 5 pm, Followed by Longevity Drink Reception