Crypto-marketplace Storiqa Rolls Out the Platform For All Users

Hong Kong, September 2018 -  Storiqa, the first marketplace based on crypto, announces the platform launch for a testing period. From this week, all shoppers can experience shopping with crypto, specifically with the STQ token.

 What is already accomplished
Storiqa is the first crypto marketplace having gained prominent milestones in cryptoworld: $25 million hardcap in January, release of beta MVP in four months, presentation of multicurrency wallet solution at RISE. STQ token is already listed on 12 exchanges, among them HitBTC and Coinbene. Recently Storiqa won OKEX contest.

How does the marketplace work now
Released in May 2018, the Beta MVP was met with a positive outlook in the cryptocommunity. During first preview in-crowd group of 50 000 users tested the marketplace. People spent 3 minutes, on average, on the marketplace Platform testing period is available for users from all over the world. Preview period attracted major traffic from Vietnam, Indonesia, US, Brazil and Nigeria.

“Official sales from external vendors will be organised by the end of 2018. Before that we decided to start platform probation with Storiqa’s products to test and check the smooth marketplace operations.” - says Ruslan Tugushev, Storiqa’s CEO and founder. Storiqa has an involved community of 67,000 members that chose the merchandise design, and as a result three t-shirts were produced in limited series, with the price of 19990 STQ.

Inspiration behind
The marketplaces focuses on quality craft goods produced by small-medium sized businesses. “We chose this niche with aim to support SME (small-medium sized enterprises) trading out of local market. With our services they can be concentrated on production. We do help them with the sale of their products overseas.” - adds Ruslan Tugushev, Storiqa’s CEO and founder.

“STQ has real products and services on the platform supporting the token itself whereas no other crypto has that. We want to give a notion to our token holders that STQ has a firm basement and this bridge can bring e-commerce to a new level. No financial borders and extra fees for transactions.”