#1. He did not accept widely approved truths
HE needs to understand everything. He is wildly curious. He isuncommonly
rebellious. He is very passionate for the things he wants.And he is sort of a pirate in
the way that he is strong enough to think for himself.

#2. He bends reality and then believes his hallucination
HE could see a future few else could perceive. He always dreams of the thins which
are not there and questioned WHY NOT?

#3. He units thoughts with marketing
HE gives big efforts to realize his dreams in a way to be used easily

#4. He has the eyes to breed beauty
HE has the acumen to sense what is beautiful and magical is an unusual talent. He
has it. He is obsessed with mastering ideas into reality that are not only brilliantly
simple but are also exceedingly beautiful.The Blockchain solutions created by his
team prove it.

#5. He is a fanatical perfectionist
His part of his genius is his ability to spot defects instantly. Erol User wants all
Blockchain solutions should be Art-level quality. All system should be function

#6. He is careless about the opinions of others
HE looks open for all ideas and listen to all but he is somehow arrogant and knows
he is smartest person in the room,He is difficult to convince but it is very easy for him
to convience people.

#7. He is mercurial and full of fire
We should never forget that HE has the same position with the similar type of
people.Passion is the instigator of exceptional feats. Genius is a dangerous sport.
The titans, virtuosos and saviors of society were all complex people. And the gifts
that make you great are the same ones that make you a misfit, in the eyes of the

#8. He is part charmer and part dictator
HE could charm. He is a master seducer, when it serves his ambitions. He also could
own the stage and steal the limelight, when he needs to. He is a man of huge
precision, who knows exactly what he wants. And this alchemy of mastery come
together to forge a company now among the ten of Blockchain technology in the

#9. He is generous and ruthless
HE gives all the opportunities and pampers his teammates but he doesn’t want
them to feel very comfortable and relaxed with their positions in the company

#10. He knew how to put on a show
HE is a wizard, in a way. He took fans on a ride, enlivening their excitements,
stroking their interests and fueling their hopes.

#11. He wants to uplift the world
Above all else EROL USER has a great passion at heart. A man who wants to
release amazing things into the world. A maker who dreams as few have and
relentlessly stayed true to his ideals. Sure he is broken sometimes[aren’t we all?] but
he never quits and continue to fight with a great energy. Yet, at his core, he is a
human being who wants to build a better world.