BitHappy-Bitcoin platform for sale and purchase of goods

interview Victor Gry

The main task of the world’s first Bitcoin browser is to make it as easy as possible to use Internet banking
with the same crypto currency. Web browser combines on one site an online store and a platform for
payments in cryptogrosse. The BitHappy browser interface will allow it to be used to buy and sell products
for virtual money, even for those users who have not previously encountered Bitcoin.

“BitHappy allows anyone to buy and sell goods and services on Bitcoin,” the developers write on the official website. - This is the world’s first browser and solutions for the popularization of Bitcoin. Using BitHappy, anyone
can use the crypto currency in everyday life.”Anyone can simply upload a photo to the site, describe the
product and name the price in local currency. A special service will automatically transfer it to Bitcoin. The
browser can be used in traditional outlets. To sell the product by Bitcoin, the seller needs to scan his barcode.
The system independently converts the price into virtual money, places the goods on the site, and also
generates the product identification number and sends the buyer an invoice to pay for the purchase with Bitcoin.