Take your crypto to the market, see how much fish you come home with . . .

The Fedora revival and our vision to make Tips the cryptocurrency for real-time, face to face & online tipping and trading.

The Story of Fedora Tips

The history of Fedora Tips goes back to 2014, when it was forked from Bitcoin via Doge and then Feather. The original creator — Invisibel — disappeared shortly after making Fedora but s/he clearly had a fondness for memes. Fedora developed quite a following before suffering a decline.

In mid-2017, a new project team coalesced around Tips, and decided to revive Fedora. It was tricky — there seemed to be minimal social channels, no website, no tech guides. The wallet code had hardly been touched in years. Trading was limited to a single exchange. It was the challenge that interested us, and the fact that there were some original community members who remained passionate, if you went and looked for them. We searched and messaged old GitHub profiles, mods, admins and community members. Most never replied but some did and we are grateful.

The Tips Altcoin Revival

We started rebuilding the wallets, and discovered (unsurprisingly) that a wallet years out of date requires a huge amount of redevelopment. Patching years of missing security upgrades and addressing incremental changes that creep in over repeated forks is a big undertaking, and required months of work by our tech leads and QA gurus.

In parallel we developed a roadmap. The initial plan was good: updated wallets, more exchanges, mobile wallets, community, faucets, tip botsand the like. We released the roadmap and the new Windows wallet in early March, along with a new website, social channels and forums. This received a positive response and the Tips community is now growing again.

We are a seasoned team, with much more software development experience than your typical crypto project, but our tech lead Jojapoppa also happens to be a bit of a visionary. We all wanted Tips to be used in the real world, Jojapoppa knew that if we integrated some of the interesting new platforms out there this could happen sooner than we thought. Our goal is ambitious but straightforward:

Establish Fedora Tips to deliver real-time, face to face or online tipping and trading.

Crypto needs real world use cases to evolve to the next level of adoption. We believe our vision for Tips provides that. Our strategy has grown and evolved, with a two pronged approach to deliver our vision:

  • Powerful, secure and fast desktop infrastructure (POW)
  • Real-time tipping & trading via a responsive web wallet (DPOS)

We are enhancing the original Tips POW wallets and blockchain, but simultaneously integrating with Graphene DPOS infrastructure. We are building a bi-directional bridge between our traditional POW infrastructure and a new affiliate DPOS network that is integrated with Bitshares.

With the completion of the bridge, Fedora Tips will be able to utilise the 3 second latency of the underlying graphene network to make real time tipping possible! Our web wallets will be usable in markets, cafes, bars — anywhere you currently transact with fiat currency. The initial, Foundation stage of our roadmap is nearly complete as per schedule. The end state development bringing face to face, real world tipping & trading will be live by the end of 2018!

Activity on the desktop wallets will continue in parallel — we recognize that people require a secure store of value that is distinct from the tools that they use in everyday transactions. Our next generation wallet upgrade will address this with transparent bootstrapping, auto-updates and more.

To learn more about our plans, please check out the Trello roadmap. We’d love to chat to you on TelegramRedditDiscord, and BitcoinTalk. We are always happy to welcome new contributors to the project, all backgrounds are valued. And to wherever Invisibel may be, we certainly Tip our Fedoras!