Credits Monthly Report, August 2019

Milestones and Achievements, August 2019

Once again we come to the end of the last month of summer, and Credits has prepared for you another report on the work we have done and what we have managed to achieve in this short period. A distinctive feature of this month for Credits was perhaps the initiative of our team, which allowed us to succeed both in technological development and in external communications. Let us briefly highlight the company’s events:

Technology Development

  • Among all the voluminous work being done in the company, Credits is glad to inform you about multiple updates that were made to the Node and Wallet. More detailed information you can find in Developer’s Journal #21.
  • Also Credits released a new Software v4.2.424.0 Update that demonstrates more stable network operations. You can find and download it here: WindowsLinux.
  • Ahead of the long-awaited event at Credits, we have announced the conducting the Partial Token Swap in order to increase the decentralization of the main network and make a final re-check of its performance.


  • The release of Credits DApps Map - a complete up-to-date list of decentralized applications of Credits platform to track the company’s progress.
  • Creation of the Trading Chat accompanied by an airdrop in order to attract and expand the interested community and provide an opportunity for discussion.
  • The release of the Interview with our Head of Development Office, Alexander Avramenko.
  • Credits has initiated the Live AMA Session on Chico Crypto YouTube channel that was held together with Matic Network, Holochain, and Quarkchain. The event allowed to consider various positions on current pressing issues in the blockchain industry, it attracted the crypto community into the discussion and allowed everyone to ask questions of interest.


  • Credits team successfully held Blockchain Meetup in Moscow. The move allowed uniting many blockchain experts who made presentations of their visions and answered questions. During the meetup, there were lots of heated discussions which made it more informative and productive.
  • Credits took at  Meet the Corporate event with Oracle in London where it was represented by its ambassador Ruslanas Michrabovas. The event allowed the participants to discuss the ways of partnership and opportunities to enter new markets.
  • Igor Chugunov visited the DappCon in Berlin and had a fruitful communication with experts. More details of the negotiations are not disclosed.


Credits is looking forward to developing cooperation with various business representatives, and therefore we are always open to mutually beneficial partnerships. In August, among such partners should be mentioned XangleZeeve and our media partners like 0xzxInside BitcoinsLearn 2 TradeConcierge.


August 2019 was a milestone for the upcoming major events at Credits. During this period, we secured numerous support from representatives of various companies, which we continue to negotiate with. We were able to demonstrate the capabilities of our platform and highlight our activities at various media platforms, which significantly improved the recognition of the company. Technological and communication processes are conducted daily, which allows the company to occupy a leading position in the market and to be among the companies conducting their activities in the most effective way. Such an approach directly affects the success of the company and does not go unnoticed in the international arena.

We would like to thank everyone who closely followed the news and took part in various company events. We deeply appreciate your activity, enthusiasm, and support. Stay with us and stay tuned for further developments. There is still much to come!