Blockchain Consulting Company BLOCKCHAINARMY’s Founder President EROL USER’s Speech at CRYPTOFIN 2019 Estonia found a very great appreciation

Blockchain Consulting Company BLOCKCHAINARMY’s Founder President EROL USER empharsized on Space Waste Management using Blockchain :

Blockchain technology presents potential for automating crucial space operations and improving the robustness of data collection in space amongst other numerous projects. The research community improve the data collection in space by adding space based IoT satellite systems into that mix along with the of use smart contacts technology. Being both space and earth based makes an IoT blockchain combo more secure than traditional terrestrial based systems.

Data and blockchain ledgers can be backed up off planet which increases Big Data security, utility and longevity. This is especially important when servicing ultra high volume applications that require low bandwidth and low service costs. A decentralized blockchain would ensure there is no degradation or loss of the critical data collected by vehicles and devices in space. The power of decentralized blockchain networks may lead to a new era in space exploration. The blockchain technique could be used to design a secure and decentralised infrastructure for processing the massive data for space exploration and related science.

The infrastructure could also facilitate deep learning based data analysis.  Nasa and other space agencies, such as the European Space Agency (ESA) are considering potential applications of blockchain technology to space missions and internal operations. According to NASA blockchain technology could have useful applications in distributed spacecraft missions involving multiple elements.

Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies could be further integrated to make space sensor networks more efficient and responsive.