Ashton Addison: EventChain bringing real tickets to real fans using the blockchain

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Nature has not exhausted its capabilities in the evolution of man. At the turn of the new millennium, we see new generations of technologies, the development of which can change the world and deserves the closest attention. Blockchain is a technology based on which Bitcoin is built. But there are, perhaps, dozens of other ways to use blockchain in isolation from crypto-currency. Many people calls blockchain the main technological breakthrough since the invention of the Internet. The way the system is used is smart contracts that simplify the solution of the problem. For example, Solve a long list of problems for ticket sales by providing advanced SmartTickets functionality with Tokens. What are digital tickets and how to buy them, we will talk about this and many things today with the creator of the EventChain platform Ashton Addison.

- Hello Ashton,

- Many companies not only strive to create a digital coin, but also to occupy a niche for the circulation of their coins in different social and production spheres. You have created the EventChain, a ticketing system. Tell us, what is this platform?

- The EventChain SmartTickets platform is a decentralized ticketing network running on top of the Ethereum blockchain, connecting artists and vendors directly to fans for events so we can solve the problems of the current ticketing industry. Through EventChain, artists can sell tickets directly to fans using cryptocurrency to eliminate all processing and convenience fees on tickets. As well, blockchain technology will aid in stopping counterfeit tickets and preventing ticketing scalping through a more open and transparent accountability by verifying tickets through the blockchain.

- In which spheres of a person’s social life will EventChain be implemented?

- EventChain is a project which can have many real world use cases and be one of the most real world applications of the blockchain. This solution will solve many problems involved in ticketing and events, and millions of people go to events every day so we can help as many people as possible. It will be great to get back to enjoying events and not having to worry about not being able to get a ticket, or paying way too much money for a ticket. With EventChain, real fans will be able to get real tickets and artists will get more money for their work as less will be taken away by Ticketmaster and other intermediary financial payment processors.

- EventChain announces partnership with iFLYER backed by Sony Music. Creating tickets for events using blockchain technology is a strategically important step. Do you need to install the application on your phone for purchase tickets?

- You will be able ot purchase tickets on the mobile site and desktop site, and you will not need to install an app on the phone, making it more accessible for everyone in the world. There may be mobile applications on the app store at a later date but they will not be necessary to buy a ticket or create an event.

- Airlines, cruise ships, railways, theaters, cinemas, museums, etc. The list is very long, where tickets are required for entry. How does EventChain plan to implement blockchain technology for such areas?

- EventChain can apply to many more industries than just traditional events. The system can be designed for any ticketing environment. EventChain solves the most problems in concert ticketing, however we have already had dicussions with other industry leaders like cinemas, theaters, railways, government transit systems and more to apply this same technology and add value to the existing businesses.

- When creating a large-scale project, it is worth paying attention to protection against DDoS attack. What security protocols does EventChain use?

- We plan on having extra protection and security on both our website and our ticketing application. Currently the application is still in development but we plan on running anything that’s on a centralized server through a CDN for speed and security. Any transactions and parts of the application running off the blockchain already has protection from sybil and replay attacks integrated into the blockchain and the security that over 30,000 Eethereum nodes bring to the transaction network.

- In addition to working in EventChain, you are run the Crypto Coin Show channel. Tell us about your channel.

- I have been running the Crypto Coin Show and crypto media groups since 2014 before projects could easily tokenize on Ethereum and other transaction networks. Our goal has been to educate and become evangelists of this incredible blockchain technology. Our project likes to talk about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin news and prices ICO overviews, interviews with blockchain executives, top 5 coins our projects and includes many other segments. We have used it to grow the knowledge and acceptance of Bitcoin and Ethereum and encourage other blockchain projects to cooperate with us to grow the audience in our industry even further.

- Thank you for the interview and best of luck in achieving your goals.

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