Let us look at the developments of July in a nutshell to evaluate the platform’s overall progress Credits

Welcome to the Credits July Monthly Report! July has come and gone, and as it passes, we are delighted to announce that the platform has achieved some considerable progress. The development team was hard at work perfecting the system and improving its functioning, while new agreements and cooperation were established with various partners. Excellent results have also been achieved in terms of development, partnerships and marketing. Let us look at the developments of July in a nutshell to evaluate the platform’s overall progress.

Technology development

The biggest news of July was the release of a large number of Dapps on the platform. All of these additions are making the Credits Blockchain Platform stronger in terms of product offerings and expansion on the global market as a valuable infrastructure with versatile positioning. The following are the most memorable and important achievements in the technology development department:

Photo Patent: Photo lovers rejoice with the addition of the decentralized Photo Patent application that is directed at content creators, allowing them to protect their imagery. For having their rights protected, photographers can now turn to Credits for help and taste the power of blockchain.

Star Dice: Game lovers galore is at hand as the Star Dice Dapp has been added to the Credit platform. The app is an incredibly simple game for admirers of dice with a mixture of excitement and fortune.

Age Medieval: Strategy game fans will enjoy the power of blockchain as the Age Medieval game has commenced the development of a new game on the Credits platform. Age Medieval is a new decentralized strategy game on Credits that allows its players to delve into the age of knights and powerful kingdoms with a mix of brain-teasing strategy.

Decentralized Casino Slots: Two decentralized crypto games – Egypt Slots and Maya Slots have made their way onto the blockchain thanks to the Credits platform. Casino lovers can now spin those slots and enjoy.

CREXT Wallet Extension: The long-awaited extension of the CREXT Wallet is now live and available for download! All lovers of wallets can now take advantage of the offer available on Credits.

CScheduler. The execution of Smart Contracts in a predetermined mode has become a reality with the help of the Credits platform! The CScheduler service based on blockchain technology is more likely to accomplish pre-assigned tasks through a decentralized network, all thanks to the development team of the Credits platform. Now Dapp developers can make use of the addition and improve their products.

Bananakey Game: Release the monkey within with this fun and colourful game on the Credits platform! Enjoy a monkey game with fully adjustable winning chances and simply enjoy the pleasures of blockchain-based games.

CryptoPoll: Polls, polls, everybody loves polls! Credits is no exception as it has added the CryptoPoll Dapp, which is designed to provide anonymous rewarding polls for the crypto community.

Though some of the products were developed by third-party developers, their contribution to the development of the Credits ecosystem cannot be undervalued. In fact, every Dapp added to the platform improves its performance and attracts new users to fuel the ecosystem and allow it to develop dynamically.

The Credits team has also completely redesigned the platform website and the added new visual and auxiliary elements in the Credits Blockchain Explorer for the convenience of users. The new additions will allow users to monitor the performance of the blockchain in general with greater ease.


Credits has been marshaling through the years and is delighted to announce that the overall project ranking has reached the 27thposition of the most active technical teams according to CoinCodeCap. This ranking proves the continuous development of the project and acts as a powerful piece of evidence to ascertain the community that the future of Credits will only become brighter.

The Credits platform’s 1 year GitHub commit rank has reached the 20th position, thus marking yet another important milestone for the project. The achievement is proof of the project’s development and continuous strengthening of its position on the market.

Numerous Airdrops in various competitions have also been conducted throughout the month of July in order to encourage the community and allow testing of the company’s products.

Another important event that took place in July is a fruitful meeting of Credits CEO Igor Chugunov with investors from the Netherlands. The event revolved around the discussion of the future of the project and plans for cooperation. Initial evaluation of the meeting’s outcome proves that interest for Credits is high among investors and there are grounds to believe that new prospects for development will be opening in the near future.

PR / Marketing

The month of July was rich with meetings and trips as the Credits Platform’s CEO, Igor Chugunov, made a trip to the USA. Fruitful meetings were held with representatives of numerous companies. In addition, the CEO visited the AWS Loft and held meetings with potential partners in Silicon Valley. The CEO also had the pleasure of meeting with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

Two new media partners have been added to the impressive list of Credits’ outlets. Coinspeaker and Cryptopolitan are now partners that will be publishing updates about the Credits platform.

An interesting interview also took place in July for the Asia Blockchain Review, in which CEO Igor Chugunov spoke about the special characteristics of the Credits platform and its development progress.

CEO Igor Chugunov also gave an interview for Altcoin Magazine and highlighted the Credits Platform’s applications and expansion on the global blockchain market.


The establishment of new partnerships is key for the development of the platform as a whole, because it is the addition of new products that allows the expansion and adoption of the Credits platform to become a reality. The Credits team has made outstanding progress in July by establishing the following partnerships:

ChainLink: Credits has integrated Chainlink to Enable Connected Smart Contracts. ChainLink is a combination of technologies that is able to become the world-wide choice of payment transfers.

Zoom Hizar: Dining Loyalty and the payments market have been opened to Credits as the platform has established a partnership with Turkey’s Zoom Hizar restaurant chain. The partnership foresees the provision of payment solutions and loyalty programs for customers.

China Blockchain Expert: The new partner of Credits links businesses with Top Token and Traditional funds from China. The entry into the Chinese market is an important milestone for Credits.

ThinkdataLabs: The Credits platform has entered into a partnership with ThinkdataLabs, a provider of blockchain solutions for enterprises worldwide. Credits will act as the infrastructure for its new partner.

SubcoDevs: Credits has partnered with SubcoDevs, which is engaged in business technology development and whose main feature is building amazing mobile applications.

Softermii: The newest partner of Credits is a custom software and app development provider that has chosen our platform as a reliable infrastructure for product placement and development.

This wraps up the overview of the Credits Platform’s progress for the month of July. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Credits.