Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK) approved Blockchain Application and Research Center in Aydin University

The Blockchain Application and Research Center established under the agreement signed with Blockchainarmy at Aydin University is related to all departments and programs within the Faculty of Engineering and the Institute of Science and will provide academic support on the following issues:

 • To carry out joint studies with the contribution of the academic units of the University, on the
subjects of interest of the Center,

• For the work to be carried out within the center, when necessary, to create working units from
academicians from within and outside the University and relevant people from relevant public and
private institutions / organizations

• Organizing certificates, courses and similar programs on subjects that are within the center’s area
of ​​interest,

• Publishing all the work done in Turkish and foreign languages ​​and sharing with all stakeholders,

• To prepare publications belonging to the center,

• To prepare regional, national and international programs on higher education; giving lectures and
organizing events such as seminars, symposiums, panels and conferences,

• Providing consultancy services to public and private sector institutions and organizations upon

• Cooperating with other universities, public and private sector institutions / organizations at
national and international level,

• To organize master’s programs with/without thesis on subjects that are of interest to the center,

• Contributing to university-industry cooperation, developing joint projects,

• To perform any other activity related to its purpose.

The center has a supra-departmental and interdisciplinary structure. The aim of the center is to carry
out R&D activities on the infrastructure, installation, security and privacy analysis, business models,
crowdfunding approaches and various technical details of the blockchain technologies in accordance
with the needs of public and private institutions/organizations, evaluations regarding the
environment required for R&D studies making and supporting the development of applicable
models, evaluating and improving the approaches of undergraduate and graduate students to
applied education and teaching.

Thanks to this center, which will serve all university faculties and departments, students' interest in
blockchain technologies will be increased; Awareness will be raised about the technological changes
we experience.

Higher education institutions, which should have a dynamic structure, have to carry out studies to
improve the programs implemented and the quality of education.

Outputs to be obtained from the research and application studies to be carried out by the center In
particular, it will make significant contributions to the university and to the industrial establishments
and research institutes with the education, projects and R&D studies planned to be made.

Blockchainarmy Founder President Erol User has been appointed as the Chairman of the Advisory