Matthias Klees - “The EuropeCoin group approved and listed as the first official crypto currency advisor group in Brussels”

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Every time you meet a quality product, such as large European clothing brands, automotive products or sports and aviation brands, you always understand that this is a product of professionals, built upon centuries of history. In the same way, today, we will only see progress that gradually improves our daily lives. In thge developed world today, its difficult to imagine a person not using digital technologies. Tomorrow same will be true for people without digital money. The emergence of digital money is actively negotiated on all levels of the social sphere,. Many are interested in investing in crypto currency projects, others dive deeper and finally are those, who develop them. Today we will talk with a person who not only nows plenty about crypto currency, but also published a “Soft-Cold-Storage” process for the block chain and for any form of value: Mr. Matthias Klees Maintainer of EuropeCoin (ERC), European Advisor and CEO of the “Federated Blockchains” Project, that develops the “Financecloud API” Device.

- Helloll Mattness.

Today, the digital Market is full of products, that are doomed tro disappear without any trace one day. Why do you think, digital currency is different and what sets it apart from just an ordinary bubble.

- First of all, bubbles are not the problem. Any rising market is volatile. Given that a rising market and an empty bubble are looking exactly the same, you have to stop looking at the price and start understanding the use-case. Today the Internet+ä is a market and the products you are seeing rise and fall are products that are using it. You have to prevent mixing the terms “product” and “market” to understand the ecosystem. Digital currencies as a whole are a market, though single coins and projects may rise an fall, the market will stay and rise.

- Having a fragile ideology, not all coins can boast of success. Bitcoin and his major forks seem to be unstoppable like a locomotive, because they are known. How can newer coins gain attraction? Sharer your experience with running EuropeCoin.

- “Known” sounds quite like a fixed position. Even in a much more matured stage, positions of Internet giants have been everything, but save. My-Space lost a 80% market share to Facebook within months and same is for Yahoo in respect of Google. So this market will seev plenty of change. If you are running a coin, you are about a long race. I do not care about the price in six month. My goal has to be to survive and to advance the features, the use-case and the adoption of my coin and of its environment. In the end, which is meant in years, rather than months, the race will be decided by user adoption and this will be driven by merchants adoption and usability.

- Europe. Germany. The European Union. Successful location. Will EuropeCoin become a digital currency of the Central Bank of Europe on a par with EURO? Is there a legal basis for the use of cryptographic currencies without jurisdictions?

- I would have been laughing about this question just a few weeks ago. Thisv is a prove that this market is in a stage, where everything can happen. About two months ago the Europecoin group has been approved and has been listed as the first official crypto currency advisor group in Brussels and last week the European EIF preliminary confirmed cooperation in micro-loans and agreed to consider EuropeCoin as the one of payment methods!

- For its digital currency, its further path is important. Passing money from a person to a person without bank involvement is attractive. But what about the purchase of goods for a digital currency. Does not EuropeCoin seeks to be introduced into the business community in the European Union?

- In my work in Brussels i found out, that the European Union is much more enthusiastic about this technology, than i would have ever imagined. They are running a broad variety of projects themselves, to adopt this in their legislative environments. They created teams, to advise member countries to do the same and are embracing the use of crypto currencies. They are having a very different view on this market than their central bank and are not always able to publicly express their views. However they of course have to tidy and regulate the field. We should not understand this as a process of hostility. Given that such regulations are the result of bringing interests, that are very different among each other, together, we have to take part in their discussion, to make sure, our voices are getting heard and our interests will be taken into account. Thats what Europecoins effort is about and we are excited, to be in the center of this process.We are seeing ourself as grassroots lobbyists, to foster a decentralized society.

- Each coin develops protocols to make circulation of their coins convenient. Do you have any development for financial or cryptographic services?

- Yes, our development branch is far bigger than our advisory team. We are currently having more than six core development teams with over 40 active members involved in the development of five blockchain protocols like ERC, DMD, BTX and BSD as well as many related off wallet projects like the “Financecloud API” protocol and a device, to use this protocol. We are also contributing and helping with many innovations and are leading contributors to even Bitcoin core related technologies. Our lead developer for wallet technologies is Chris Knoepke, i am leading the Financecloud development branch and Olaf Breuer, who worked for IBM Watson, is the MAKERS award winner 2017 and is our lead hardware developer.

- Prospects and development plan. What is your Coin aimed at?

Europecoin is a worldwide currency, that will enable better trade relations with Europe, without the need of trade agreements, by constructive influencing Europe’s economy as well as by developing tools and decentralized concepts for better usability for users, merchants and for administrative institutions. We are following the political approach of a collaborative and connected nmesh network of regional societies as a new model for a different, but still united Europe.

- Each coin has a production start date. How much will Coin be produced and what is the difficulty of extracting coins? Tell us in detail about the process and possible extraction of coins at home.

EuropеCoin has been created as a scam in 2014 and after its death in 2015, iu rebooted the network and took over. The coin today has nothing left in common with the former project except its name. There are about 9 million ERC in circulation and there will be a maximum of 36 million coins created over the period of the next 15 years. We are a POW based coin using the AES Patern search Algorithm )(CPU-RAM-MINING). Further you can create an interest of 5% via our Termdeposit function, a technology, that does not use a single Watt of energy and even works on your mobile phone, without draining your battery. The function is based on the newest Bitcoin core function “check_time_verify”, same as Lightening Netrwork uses.

- Social networks. Not all coins are present on social networks, most of them have pages on Facebook and Twitter and do not intend to expand their presence on other sites. In my opinion, for the conquest of the world, needs maximum integration into social networks. What is your opinion on this?

Being a part of many social networks is not only important from a marketing perspective, but also to express the long needed change of how society should be organized. I come from a social marketing and corporate social responsibilities business. I am specialized in Twitter marketing and have a record of advising the European Union in Social-media developments from 2009 to 2014. We are active on Twitter and on Telegram and are present on Facebook and Slack. We will continue to expand this effort.

- What advice can you share with our readers?

This is not just a money race, take care of your neighbor and of our environment.

Thank Mattness for the interview.

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