Eth2x Smart Contract Review

The essence of the project and key features

Eth2x is a new generation cryptocurrency fund, which has an open source code and a smart contract based on Blockchain Ethereum, which works completely autonomously and excludes the possibility of third-party manipulation of funds, which is simply not available (it is replaced by the mathematical algorithm of the distributed registry technology).

The structure of the project is designed so that all fund investors are guaranteed to receive from 4% and up to 9% per day on the deposit.

A significant advantage of the fund is also the free provision of information to users on the most popular and reliable cryptocressers, which are best suited for working with Eth2x.

The project administration has been preparing its offspring for more than one month, and the key conditions for its operation are:

  • providing conditions for all those who wish to make real money on cryptocurrency on the Internet;
  • guarantee of reliability and safety of investments of investors;
  • providing all participants with complete information about the features of the smart contract, as well as its operation.

Fund investors are guaranteed to receive dividends from their deposits, since all payments are made in accordance with the principles of open source smart contract.

In a smart contract there is no principle in principle by its owner, this completely excludes the possibility of making changes inside it and deleting previously entered information. Thus, all project contributors may not worry about their investments, since the validity of a smart card is not limited in time.


The proof of the seriousness of the project administration and developers is the passed audit. And it is worth noting that in this regard, the Eth2x smart contract team was indeed able to achieve significant success, refining its project and eliminating existing shortcomings and errors, both technical and structural.

And the project was not one audit, but three at once. And companies that are trustworthy and respectful:

  1. Crypto Maniacs Zone - (one of the most reputable companies, whose voice and positive analytics are extremely important for any project of this type).
  2. - (a company that has been working in the field of IT and programming for more than ten years, has many distinguished customers and whose employees are distinguished by a high level of professionalism).
  3. - (well-known English-language service).

After passing the audit, the smart contract team continues to develop the project and attract new partners, including through social networks.

Interest rate and charge

The operation scheme of the smart contract is as follows:

  1. The depositor contributes his money to the address of the smart wallet, which is listed on the site (amounts accepted from 0.01 ETH).
  2. Next, the investor’s wallet number is automatically memorized, from which the contribution was made by a smart contract, after which money is charged to the user’s balance immediately (charging occurs every second, as written in the smart card).
  3. Interest accrual continues until the total amount of payments to the user reaches 200%.
  4. As soon as the specified mark is reached, the system automatically returns the depositor’s deposit to his wallet, and also charges interest from above, and the participant succeeds from the group.

There are only 5 investment plans (in accordance with the financial roadmap of the project):

  • 0 - 1000 ETH - 7% yield;
  • 1000-2000 ETH - 6%;
  • 2000-3000 ETH - 5%;
  • 3000-5000 ETH - 4%;
  • 5000 and further - 9%.

In order to withdraw funds from the platform, the user needs to make a transaction (send the minimum amount of funds) in the amount of 0.00000007 ETH to the smart wallet. Money will be credited instantly.

The distribution scheme of depositors’ funds looks like this.

But even after the investor has received 200% of the profits and has been removed by the system, he can again take part in the Eth2x smart contract. To do this, simply repeat the entire procedure described above, and the interest will be charged again, in accordance with the terms of the smart-contract, until the amount of payments of 200% is reached again.

Affiliate program. What is its appeal

The project provides a well-designed referral program that allows you to make money in a passive mode, attracting new users to the site.

The main feature of this program is that it brings benefits to both the invited referral and the investor.

Here is the Eth2x affiliate program itself:

  • the investor who invited the new referral to the project will receive 2% of the user’s deposit amount;
  • An investor who was invited to the project and invested his money here is guaranteed to receive 3% cashback from his contribution.

The scheme is quite adequate in its structure and balanced, the interest on the referral is not so large, which guarantees the absence of problems with payments and the stable operation of the smart contract.

In order for the investor, who was invited by the user to the project, to get his partner interest, the user must give him the address of his wallet.

Further, the depositor replenishes the account in the project at 1 ETH, followed by activation of the referral program.

As for the payments on the affiliate program, they are charged once a day.