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Marva Collins

Sponsorship is a real business. Sponsorship, as well as advertising on television every day, increasingly enters our life. Consider sponsorship as part of a marketing strategy, and as an integral technology of public relations. As a means of marketing, sponsorship is attractive in that it solves a number of quite tangible tasks: it promotes the promotion of the trademark, stimulates sales growth, allows to establish closer contacts with consumers of products. And this is not all. The attraction of sponsorship for the expansion or continuation of the classical advertising campaign is not the only advantage of sponsorship. Its additional and important advantage is an increase in the number of information reasons related to the company or its product.

The advantage of sponsorship is that it creates in the public consciousness the connection between the sponsoring company and a certain group of consumers. Modern sponsorship is increasingly being viewed not just as a new type of advertising, including, for example, advertising on television, but also as an integral part of PR , one of his strategies, the main task of which is the creation of event communication. The purpose of sponsorship is the planned effect of improving the image of the company. That is, it does not just make a favorable impression on the right audience, but purposefully fixes positive associations. But such an action is by no means a cheap advertising trick, but where it is a question of creating a socially significant image, costs are needed. One of the positive effects of sponsorship is the impressive effect of joint action.

In order to maximize the commercial potential of the project for your company, we offer you the following opportunities to create an image of the “Strong Brand” in the framework of sponsorship programs on our project.

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