CanYa launches two-way marketplace on Ethereum, CANWork

What are the possibilities of using the blockchain in the services sector? Is it a crucial ingredient to bringing additional utility to the services sector? We will talk with John-Paul Thorbjornsen, CEO and Co-Founder of CanYa Services Pty. Ltd as he explains the significance of blockchains to the gig economy and why CANWork is set to disrupt a Trillion dollar global industry.


CCN:- Hi John-Paul. You are by education aeronautical engineering. How did you come up to the idea for CanYa?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- I’ve been in crypto since 2013 and very passionate about the idea of decentralised value transfer with no intermediaries. Myself and my cofounders always wanted to run our own technology company so we decided to launch a marketplace app back in 2016. With the development of Ethereum we realised the opportunity at hand to decentralise a marketplace and re-think how it could be built, developed and maintained. So myself and my cofounders set about building something that had never been done before - a decentralised serviceplace for the world.

CCN:- Why is now the time for a technology solution like CanYa?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- Useful blockchain solutions are just coming into fruition now and there is still so much more to be built. We want to be part of that and help shape the future. People are also growing tired of intermediaries charging high fees, as well as losing their data in privacy breaches. We can do better than that now using blockchain tech.

CCN:- What is CANSend? Why is it so useful?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- CANSend is a great dApp for sending multiple tokens at once. This is actually a highly requested feature and we built it because there were no other good solutions.

CCN:- You’ve recently announced partnership with ShareRing; could you tell us something more?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- ShareRing are building a hyper-optimised blockchain for the sharing economy and we are very interested in working with them in solving the inherent problems.

CCN:- What is the gig economy and how is it changing the workforce? What’s CanYa’s role in it?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- More and more people do not want to be enslaved to 9-5 jobs and work for themselves. Close to 40% of America’s workforce are now turning to the gig economy. We want to build a platform that they all can use.

CCN:- What is on the roadmap for CanYa moving forward?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- Launch products that are great and help bring the benefits of blockchain to the world.

CCN:- Why is CANWork so important, and what problems does it solve?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- CanYa is a decentralised serviceplace using blockchain technologies. It has its own token economy built into its ecosystem so it doesn’t need to make on-going revenue. As a result platform fees are incredibly low; just 1% compared to +20% of other platforms. Payments are made using blockchain escrows and cryptocurrency so it is fast, borderless has very low fees. Further, CanYa is built with the idea of self-soveign identity and data, so we don’t hold any user data. This means it is very safe and not vulnerable to data breaches.

CCN:- As in CanYa, you can use CanYaCoin to receive payment for your skills or services?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- The token is the liquidity of the ecosystem, serving as a medium of value exchange, unit of account and store of value for our users. Additionally it powers the CanYa decentralised autonomous ecosystem that maintains and provides support to CanYa.

CCN:- Create an application and bring it to the top of success will require a great resource for advertising. And also time. Do you conduct an advertising campaign among service providers?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- Marketing and promotion will come from bounties that DAO users for referring their friends. The ecosystem will rely on organic growth.

CCN:- CanYa is an Australian company. Are there any problems with regulators and authorities in introducing a cryptocurrency on the Australian continent?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- No.

CCN:- How many users are in CanYa now?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- We have over 100k in our social communities that we look forward to converting into CanYa users.

CCN:- You came to the blockchain from aeronautics. Is it possible to use a blockchain in the aeronautics industry? Do you think you can develop an application in a blockchain for aeronautics?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- Oh yes for sure. Aviation is ripe for blockchain disruption in the tracking and dissemination of important aviation data, flight booking and flight automation. I have actually been thinking about this for a while and researching solutions. Maybe one day I can catch a blockchain powered A380 to fly me to Los Angeles, with no pilots, air traffic controllers or booking staff. Just me, the plane and blockchain.

CCN:- What are the plans for the year 2018 set by the CanYa team?

Mr. Thorbjornsen:- We intend to launch the products, grow them and improve them progressively.

Thanks John-Paul for the interview.