SID Limited will start its anticipated online Private Tokens sale at CET midnight on 1st July 2018

SID Limited has developed one of the most promising solutions to provide universal internet access to all. This is done using the patented SID technology that has been implemented and tested it in several nations across the globe. The SID mobile app provides instant connectivity to Wi-Fi, without the need to know or ask for the password has revolutionized how data is shared, both across Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. SID is about to start the funding phase for its global expansion. SID has unique internet sharing technology which allows the sharing of internet between nearby Android smartphones and tablets, that is key to this universal internet access. There are 16 times more smartphones globally than there are public Wi-Fi hotspots, according to Statista. SID has tokenized the internet bandwidth and brought it into the sharing economy for the masses to access.

The online Private sale of the SID Token will be starting on 1st July 2018 at midnight (CET) and will be open only to those who Register. You can sign-up now for the private sale by clicking here.

The funding will allow expansion of our Blockchain enabled SID platform, powered by Stellar. Aimed to allow free internet access to those who need it and those less fortunate who can´t afford it. In the future SID is aiming to allow users to consume advertisements to earn Tokens. Imagine getting paid for using the internet! The SID micropayment system, that is based on Blockchain, will allow many small transactions in the region of a cent Euro. SID will have the ability to conclude transactions between SID App users, in a matter of seconds, taking mobile e-commerce to the mobile phone where internet access has already been provided for by SID.

The SID app is already live and in widespread use across the world. We are changing the future data business by giving power to the common people and enabling everyone to benefit, either through Ad consumption or reselling of their own internet data. The economic benefit of connecting everyone to the internet has been proven to reduce poverty significantly and greatly expand the global economy. SID supports the United Nations Nr1 sustainable development goal (UN SDG) to “End poverty in all its forms everywhere” through our modest contribution of internet connectivity provisioning through our SID platform.





According to Jose Merino, Chairman and Co-Founder of SID Limited: The race is to become more Decentralized and “Trustless”, which is why at SID our users come first. This means that in the SID Decentralized platform the end-users themselves decide which type of internet (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G Mobile internet) they share. In a “Trustless” platform where sharing is anonymous the one that users trust the most is themselves and that is what SID is all about. There is no doubt that the blockchain technological improvement in future “trustless” platforms will evolve and be very different than today. SID is looking forward to collaborations with other blockchain companies to complement our propositions such as combining R&D resources, merging connectivity services with privacy services. To be part of our SID future, simply click on this text and Register now.









About us:

 SID Limited: ( is a tech start-up created to boost the global internet connectivity, of people around the globe. SID already developed and commercially released its innovative SID technology which gives users a simple and efficient way to share crowd-sourced internet access. The SID team has extensive tech and telecom backgrounds, including former positions in major multinational companies. This press release does not imply any solicitation for any investment of any kind whatsoever by any of the parties mentioned herein.

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