Matthias Klees: Is Reverse Aging even possible? and will I live forever with this guide?

by Matthias Klees

Reverse Aging Guide

Ever since my youth, I have refused to “accept dying from old age” as a natural process and
to accept it as a given reality. Also, people who are getting older are not the cause of the
demographic problems of our time, but people becoming increasingly frail are. We expect
people to fight against accumulating age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes,
cancer and heart attack, which is a losing battle, just because we are not ready to overcome
our cultural barriers and recognize the real cause as a disease: AGING.
Let’s stop teaching to ourselves, that dying would be normal and lets make something, that
has long been possible in the lab, accessible to everyone: to reverse aging.
Is Reverse Aging even possible?

“Haha people have been trying for thousands of years,” I keep hearing. Guess what: People
have been trying to fly for thousands of years and now we can do it. In in the laboratory, the
biological clock has been successfully turned back for mice, cats, dog and wurms since
almost ten years. However, clinical tests for humans are simply not getting approved. In the
meantime, in order to get at least a few tests approved, scientists have switched to a new
narrative, that either ties the treatment to curing a problem of old-age illnesses, or replaces
the word “Lifespan” with the word “Healthspan”. Do you really want to die, because a
hundred and twenty year old, who is healthy and young like a thirty year old, does not sound
attractive enough to pharmaceutical industries, or because we have cultivated aging and
dying as “normal”? The therapies are there. They have been around for a long time and now
it is time, that we start demanding, that they have to be made available to the people.
will I live forever with this guide?

No, most likely not. “Eternal life” (apart from the fact that not even the earth does live
forever) is medically possible, but it is denied us for the reasons mentioned above. In short,
the supplements are already existing, but we do not get them. However, my therapy offers
the opportunity to bring back a fifty-year-old back to the state of a 35-year old with all the
associated health benefits, over a period of about five years. The only limitation is, that you
probably can do that, just a few times in a row, because there are one/two age related
issues unsolved. Nonetheless the therapy should, if no war and no natural disaster
intervenes (probably the most sensitive point), ensure, that we stay young and healthy long
enough, until the existing, real therapies are finally accessible. Luckily, now that we know
how to do it, it turned out to be surprisingly easy and cheap, to reverse aging. So we can be
sure that if the industry would not provide the therapies soon, the biohacking scene will do it
itself …… we are working on that …. 🙂
Sorry for the lengthy introduction, but it does contain some important things you should know
and that have been withheld from you for cultural reasons and for the means of profit. Do not
judge you doctors, they clueless themselves.

The now following therapy can be surprisingly realized, with dietary supplements, which are
available on Amazon, if you “misuse” them by combining them and by ajusting the amount
of intake. It targets the repair functions we lost at about thirty years of age. The causes of
this loss are (greatly simplified):

1) overeating
As a result of our food supply, the body releases growth hormones to store energy. Not only
are these growth hormones harmful, but they block our repair function, which does only
function, after we have fasted for at least 12 hours. (do not worry, you do not need to fast, I’ll
get back to this topic)
In addition, this metabolic state transforms the body and it burns sugar, rather than oxygen,
to produce energy with fatal consequences, such as increased poison production, genetic
alterations, and malfunctioning cells.

2) erosion of chromosomes
Telomeres are genetic base pairs at the ends of our chromosomes. They protect our genetic
material from harm. The telomeres shorten after each cell division until our genetic material
is eventually defenseless and errors are starting to occur. Untill we reach 25, our growth
hormones will make our telomeres extend again. This is called “telomerase”.
After the age of 25, the fact that growth hormones are detrimental to a full-grown body
(unless one is injured) causes the telomerase function to decline. The loss of telomerase is
one of the main reasons for aging. Even otherwise, the body is in a dilemma: either growth
OR repair. This is where the therapy starts. It allows repair with simultaneous extension of

3) Senescent cells
Our cells can divide only to a limited extent and then they die. That is good, because cells
that are dividing indefinitely are what we would call “cancer”. However, with age, cells that
can no longer divide, but lost the ability to die, are starting to accumulate. These cells are
poorly functioning and are one of the main reasons for organ failure in old age and for us to
look old.

4) secondary factors
These are factors that arise as a result of cascading errors caused by 1), 2), and 3) and are
ultimately leading to the collapse of our self-preservation system. They occur approximately
after the age of 35 and then lead to an exponential accelerating decay.
– Shrinking of the thyroid function and thus impairing the immune system
– Declining NAD + levels and thus impairment of the energy supply and of the cells repair
– Destruction of the SIRT1 Pathway, which controls the repair function
– Junk, pollutants in and between the cells
– Plaque from pollutants and calcium that gets stuck in the blood vessels,
instead of being stored in the bones
– Bone loss due to non-stored calcium
– Muscle decline due to low NAD + level and lack of telomerase
– Loss of stem cells due to low thyroid function and lack of telomerase
and much more ….

The therapy

1) Requirements (Behaviors)
I would like to clarify that these requirements are not just hints, but REQUIREMENTS.
Disrupting the therapy by not taking these requirements seriously and continuing to stress
the body, does not only render this therapy ineffective but can make it DANGEROUS. It
should also be noted that this therapy is only suitable for people over 25 years, as younger
persons still have their repair functions. Treating CHILDREN with this therapy can be
confidently called ABUSE and should be punished.
during therapy you should definitely:
– sleep for at least 8 hours a day
– Going fast for at least one hour daily or doing sports in the fresh air
– DO NOT SMOKE!!! (If you can not do that, start at Vapen)
– do avoid sugar

2) Supplementation
Blocks the MTOR Pathway, which is responsible for the growth hormone. Resveratrol is
activating the SIRT1 pathway of the repair function. Resveratrol produces autophagy
(simulates fasting) and inhibits telomerase for defective cells. The mode of action is very
similar to the closely related THC molecule.
3 times a day 3üGJX2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&

ASTRAGALUS 10:1 concentrate
Contains the molecule TA-65, which reactivates telomerase and repairs the chromosome
ends. However, the crude astragalus roots contains the molecule in a low concentration,
which is why we use a concentrate.
3 times a day 3

A preform of vitamin B3 that is converted to NAD+ in the body. This molecule is necessary
for resveratrol and TA-65 to be able to function at all, is needed for the mitrcondrial energy
production and for the cells to know WHICH DNA strand is defective and which is not.
3 times a day 1

Sends senescent cells into cell death and regulates their removal, to make room for healthy
cells. Prevents organ failure, smoothens the skin
3 times a day 2äVM8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8

Vitamin K2 and D3 combination
D3 ensures that calcium gets into the bones, while K2 prevents calcium from accumulating
in the joints and removes plaque from the blood vessels without compromising the heart.
Prevents bone loss, hypertension and cardiovascular failure
1000mg daily 3x

Telomerase activation multiplier for TA-65 and simultaneous blood thinning to protect the
heart from plaque detachment while cleansing the blood vessels.
1st month 2x daily 100mg
then 1x daily 1oomg

reactivates the thyroid function, favors the reproduction of stem cells. Prevents autoimmune
3 times a day 2

Makes the blood vessels supple, prevents atherosclerosis, supports the immune system,
regulates blood sugar
3 times a day 3

Basic building block, that is missing from 25 years of age on and is needed for the
reproduction of cells, bones, nerves.
3 times a day 4

The list of contained enzymes is too long, this complex contains all the important enzymes to
accelerate the processes in the liver and thus to promote the degradation of the old cells and
pollutants. Prevents liver failure, keeps metabolism going
3 times a day 3

opens the brain blood barrier for DMAE
2x daily 1

Regenerates brain cells and promotes the energy metabolism of the brain, preventing
2x daily 1

Regulates blood sugar, repairs the insulin receptors
Once a day 1

promotes mitochondrial biogenesis, repaires cells, damaged by high blood sugar
3 times a day 1

Many of the metabolic processes in this therapy are triggered and are done by gut bacteria.
An intact flora is the prerequisite for this
3 times a day 1

This is the result of two years of intensive research.
I did not use affiliate links, to give you the ability to trust
my recommendations. Feedback is highly appreciated.
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Matthias Klees