Elisa Rowell and Elise Moussa: SNAPAY. Fiat Money and crypto - all money in one application for all operating systems

“A global vision. Local victory,”

Jack Ma, Alibaba


Many business ideas arose later, when a person asked himself a question, why not? Why cannot I drive electric? Tesla. Why cannot I call and see a person at the other end of the line? Skype and many other projects. Why, when I come to a restaurant, I cannot pay for a cup of coffee via a mobile phone? Snapay.

And if I’m traveling, Argentina, Greece, Mexico, I have to go around the city every time and change the Dollars to a local currency for lunch in a restaurant. Night, and the bank does not work, then how? Again we are helped by Snapay. About how the idea of the origin of the project of mobile payments appeared, today we will talk with both Snapay Founders Elise Moussa, CEO and Elisa Rowell, Chief Growth Officer.

- Hello Elise & Elisa

- All startups have their own history of the creation of the product. Tell us your story, how did you come up with the idea of creating Snapay and why did you call it so?

- Elise had the eureka moment while she was traveling overseas in 2012 and forgot her wallet at home. She only had her mobile phone and a $100 USD which the cashier refused to accept. Elise was so frustrated she went home to build a technology solution so that anyone can use anywhere to send and receive money easily and without reliance on hardware, a certain type of currency or pay high fees. Right now, SnapayCoin is in Pre-Sale ICO and we have distributed over one million SnapayCoins. Our full White Paper with the SnapayCoin hash to buy is on www.snapay.com. Snapay got its name so that anyone can in the snap of a finger, be in control of their own money!

- Without a good team, there is no good project. Who helped you in making Snapay?

- “According to First Round Capital, based on 10 years of seed-stage VC funding, companies with a female founder performed 63 percent better than investments with all-male founding teams” (Ashlock, 2017). Elise and Elisa are the sole owners of Snapay, an American corporation. Elise and Elisa worked together before at BE, their Cambridge/Boston-based EdTech mobile startup. At BE, Elise and Elisa learned to run together and implemented multiple iterations of their mobile roadmap.

Elise founded Snapay and was in Paris needing marketing and growth support and remembered that Elisa was living in Amsterdam where she had founded her growth and marketing agency. Within a few months of starting to work together again, Elise asked Elisa to join her as Co-Founder at Snapay.  Ever since then they have been running daily at a quick and efficient pace because of their long experience working together, along with their trust and friendship built over time. They also spend considerable time attending meetings together and taking selfies together. Snapay corporate culture — reminiscent of faded jeans, T-shirts, and best friends — is humble, honest, and trustworthy.

Snapay has a small tech team of developers and blockchain consultants who have helped with the coding and technicalities of the project. The tech teams are based in the USA and in Australia.

Snapay is hiring! We are proud of our team and excited as we grow quickly.

- And so Snapay. For which devices can an application be applied, and what practical use does it contain?

- Snapay works with anything that has a screen/camera and internet connection to send and receive money.

- Crypto currency is all in the network. It can not be obtained from an ATM and put in a purse, without exchanging at the same time for fiat money. But it can be paid online. What product can offer Snapay for Crypto currency holders?

- Snapay enables people to create and exchange value across different wallets, banks and currencies.

- Entering the world market is a complex and lengthy process, who helped you with this? What currencies are Snapay appended to?

- Teamwork, patience, and resilience are key to success in fintech. Elise is a financial expert with 10+ years of experience and Elisa is a Growth and Technology expert with 10+ years of experience – a powerful leadership team with a vision that drives our team and supporters. We got here by sheer willpower, teamwork, and perseverance.

- Startup implies rapid growth and the subsequent possibility of updates. Will there be an expansion of functions and what progress is planned at Snapay for 2018?

- Absolutely! Snapay is currently in a live ICO, selling SnapayCoin to raise funds. The white paper for the project is available here. Stay tuned and check out our roadmap. Spoiler alert: AI soon!

“You’re an American girl, and you’re in love with Paris.” Will Snapay Set up its office on the European continent?

- We are proud to be trailblazing the tech space as American female founders. As Snapay looks to democratize money (value) it’s certainly an option that we have a presence in France, whose gift of the Statue of Liberty continues to inspire freedom and our mission to democratize money with blockchain. Elise and Elisa both love to travel and are unlikely to settle down anytime soon, so they plan to have offices all around the world.

— Elise & Elisa, thank you for the interview.

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